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Cars Suitable For All Weathers

Cars Suitable For All Weathers


Predicting the Great British weather is about as unlikely as winning the lottery, but is there such a thing as an all-weather vehicle that can keep you comfortable no matter what’s going on outside of those windows?

To say that weather in Great Britain is unpredictable would be an understatement. As well as making it impossible to get our outfits right, fluctuations over the past few years have led to a range of issues with vehicles that just can’t cope. Here, we’re going to consider some of the best all-weather cars which, no matter how crazy the forecast, are guaranteed to provide precisely what you need. 


# 1 - Land Rover Discovery


With a four-wheel-drive system that can tackle the thickest snow to the severest flooding and even a muddy field or two during festival season, it’s difficult to imagine weather the Land Rover Discovery can’t tackle. The reborn 2021 Defender 4x4 especially boasts a roomy interior that can cart you all away for the summer holidays, alongside the ability to flip all but the front seats for a load bay that could literally take Coldplay overseas, let alone your family this summer.

# 2 - Peugeot 3008




The Peugeot 3008 offers Advanced Grip Control that allows you to seamlessly take control whether you’re driving across the beach or peaking the snowy alps. A competitive 520-litre boot also puts this contender among the top in its class for summer luggage, while a lack of lip means that, without having to even break a sweat in the heat, you can get your cases in, and out, without overstaying your welcome in the airport load bay.

# 3 - Audi A4 Saloon


Four-wheel-drive and specific all-weather capabilities are just two of the reasons the Audi A4 Saloon can fit seamlessly into even the British forecast. A metallic inlay also looks great and promises to keep the worst heat, while the ability to block out wind and road noise means even winter rides can sound as peaceful as a cosy night next to the fire.

# 4 - VW T-ROC


Optional additions like cool leather seat inlays and adaptable four-wheel-drive work alongside a boot capacity of 445 litres to make the VW T-Roc yet another all-weather contender. With the ability to tow as much as 1,300kg, this car really is the one for all-weather vacations in the depths of Spain or the muddy marshes of your local campsite. 

# 5 - SEAT Ibiza


The SEAT Ibiza aptly offers all-weather capabilities that include dimmable lights, electronic stability control (ESC), and the option of dynamic 17” alloy wheels that are guaranteed to withstand even the most severe of weather challenges. Dual-zone climate control is the cherry on this cake, ensuring driver comfort come rain, shine, or tsunami. 

# 6 - Jaguar F Pace




Jaguar’s new F Pace is an ‘SUV fit for all seasons and surfaces,’ and a host of weather-adapted features make it so, from a -40˚C cold climate chamber to a suspension that’s been tested against ten years of driving. Further to all of that, an infotainment system that allows you to pre-condition this vehicle's climate is quite literally changing the face of comfort in an all-weather car, no matter what’s happening outside.