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Cars for Winnie the Pooh and Friends

Cars for Winnie the Pooh and Friends


18th January is Winnie the Pooh Day! We have fun choosing the perfect car for Winnie, Christopher Robin and all of their friends. Find out more.

On January 18th it’s Winnie the Pooh day…yes it does exist!

So to celebrate we thought we’d find the perfect car to suit the traits and personalities of Winnie and his friends.

Let’s start with the bear himself, the honey loving bear who always seems to find himself in sticky situations…usually honey based!

What would suit…

Think, think, think

Well with Winnie’s love of honey there was only ever going to be one car to suit him… the Citroën C4 Cactus with its Airbump cladding, just like a honeycomb; add a honey orange paint-job and Winnie could drive around in his very own honeypot.

What about precious little Piglet, one of Winnie’s closest friends who uses bravery to hide his timid ways.  With Piglet’s diminutive size we’ve gone for the FIAT 500 and obviously it just had to be in pink. The 500 is iconic, known for being tiny, yet terrific, just like Piglet. Cute to look at, Piglet won’t shy away from driving this car and he won’t be f-f-fearing this choice.

Then we have Tigger the excitable, bouncy tiger full of energy and fun. He clearly needs a soft top to cater for his bouncy-boingy-ness, as well as something with a throaty roar, that can zip about all over the place. So it had to be the Jaguar f-type convertible, in orange to match his crazy fur coat. As a big cat there was no other choice!

Christopher Robin is one of Pooh’s closest friends and is wise and helpful beyond his years as well as being compassionate and cheerful. The planet’s important to Christopher Robin and so is saving his pocket money, so the E-UP! is perfect. It’s fully electric, quiet as a mouse and shows just how wise he is, driving this old fashioned school boy into the future.

Eeyore, Pooh’s friend is known for his pessimism and detachable tail, he’s also incredibly strong, so for Eeyore it has to be the Volkswagen Amarok pick-up, in grey, his favourite colour, with pink wheels to match his tail bow. It’s rear pick-up reminds us of Eeyore’s ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ tail and his reckless nature would be excused due to the Amarok’s remarkable off road ability.

Roo is a cheerful, energetic character, the youngest of the gang, he’s only just learning to drive, so needs a low cost, low insurance car to impress his friends. The SEAT Mii Electric with its all electric engine and sassy interior, is very attractive to young drivers; Roo can even take his mates for a spin in its comfortable back seats.

Kanga is Roo’s mother. Despite initially seeming rather ferocious, she’s really a kind-hearted, docile individual who welcomes Tigger into her home. So for her it had to be a Peugeot 3008. Like any good mum’s car it fits everyone in allowing Kanga to be what most mums are, an unpaid taxi driver! The perfectly practical and practically perfect family car for the perfect mum.

Peugeot 2008

Owl will have you believe he is the smartest animal in the woods, although actually he’s rather confused, prone to long-winded speeches and gets rather cross when interrupted. Owl may well be rather silly at times but he knows a technologically advance car when he sees one. The rings in the Audi logo remind owl of his beautiful eyes, we can see him gliding along in in an Audi A7 coupe; beautiful, elegant; sheer class on wheels and a superb way for owl to prove how wise he really is.

Finally we have Rabbit, who is the smartest animal in the woods. He’s obsessed with doing things his way, and often bosses people around, but he secretly loves his friends. The Honda Civic type-R is a fast and furious sports car, great for showing off in and in a fiery red, it really fits the bill. It’s a smart choice as not only is it fast, it’s also practical too, with 4 seats, showing that he does really care about is friends and he’s happy to give them a lift.

Honda Civic Type R

So, there you have it that’s our choices of cars for Winnie and his friends; what would you choose?

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