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Cars Under £150 per month

Cars Under £150 per month

By Swansway Motor Group 10-10-2019


Looking for a car on a monthly budget? Here's some of the best cars you can buy for under £150 per month. See full finance examples and car details here.

What cars can you can buy on a £150 a month budget?

When budget matters or you want to keep inurance premiums down, then look no further than our top 5 cars all of which are within a budget of £150 per month:

  • Peugeot 108 Active
  • Citroën C1 Flair
  • Volkswagen Up! Beats

Looking for a car on a reasonable monthly budget?

Could be a first car for a 17 year old, where the threefold costs of the car, driving lessons and car insurance, make budget absolutely crucial. The first car debate tends to fall into two camps, the first being buy an older, used, cheap and cheerful car outright, which can seem like a good idea, but does the car have all the necessary safety features in place; or go for a PCP or PCH on a nifty little model with the lowest of the low insurance grouping.

Or once the fledglings have flown you may be looking to trade that SUV or MPV in for something smaller and more economical, so these cars may just be the ones for you too.

Or with rail costs rising, you may well be considering ditching the season ticket and using that money to fund a car to take you to work!

Peugeot 108 active

With its French stylishness and generous equipment levels this little beauty offers high levels of personalisation and is sure to turn a few heads.

The Peugeot 108 may well be compact, but it still packs a punch with DAB radio, Bluetooth connectivity, 7” touchscreen, LED headlights and colour coded door mirrors and handles.

Again its 1.0 litre engine makes it an attractive option for young drivers, who like a bit of style; that said, this car is perfect for anyone who values manoeuvrability and economy, but doesn’t want to sacrifice style. 

Purple Peugeot 108 5 dr coming towards you on the road

Explore Peugeot 108 offers

Volkswagen up! Beats

Generally acknowledged to be the King of the ‘city-cars’ the VW Up! Offers a supple ride and handling which is the best in class. With the driver’s seat accommodating even tall drivers and great visibility due to its thin pillars, this little car belies its size.

The interior is not only deceptively spacious, but also of a really high quality, very classy in comparison to others in its class. Three adults can sit in the rear cabin and with 60/40 folding rear seats this little VW can carrying some surprising loads.

Fun to drive, comfy enough for rear seat passengers, economical, with a classy interior, the Move Up! Has a winning formula, with it’s 1.0 litre engine again attractive to young drivers.

White Volkswagen up! moving at speed in city landscapeCheck out VW UP Offers

Citroën C1 Flair

If you’re looking for brilliant in-car entertainment, a touch of funkiness and French joie de vivre, then look no further. The Citroën C1 offers not only exceptionally low running costs, but also boasts a fantastic colour touchscreen entertainment system – TouchDrive - which links with your smartphone.

Its one litre engine means a low insurance group, no matter what your age, and with personalisation flourishes at your fingertips, you can make this pocket rocket all your own.

Citroen C1 car under £150 per month

Explore Citroën C1 offers

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