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Car Scrappage Schemes

Car Scrappage Schemes

By Swansway Motor Group 16-10-2017


Time for a new car and want to trade in your old one? Take a look through the scrappage scheme offers available at Swansway Motor Group

Scrappage schemes

Scrappage schemes are now running at many Swansway Group dealerships.

Trade-in your pre-2010 car for huge discounts

on brand new cars!

Say Goodbye to Your Old Car

for More Economical Motoring

with Swansway’s Scrappage Schemes

Car scrappage schemes are set to give thousands of drivers access to the advantages of a brand new car at significantly reduced prices

Offered by many of the major car brands, the discounts make owning a new car more affordable when trading in an older car. A brand new motor will provide more economical, reliable car journeys at a higher mpg.

Many of the scrappage schemes are available to cars first registered before 2010 and offer savings of between £1,000 and £8,000.

With the average age of cars on our roads at 7.7 years*, this makes many UK drivers eligible for the discounts.

In fact, 392,227 vehicles were scrapped during the last (government led) scrappage scheme in 2009.

The UK Government is encouraging the discounts in an effort to help car owners move to greener models in the light of the introduction of the strictest ever vehicle emission tests.

As of 1st September 2017, all new petrol and diesel cars are subjected to a 90-minute real world driving test. Alongside the Euro 6 standards, which ensure the lowest levels of vehicle pollutants, today’s new cars are strictly limited in the amount of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide. emissions.

The introduction of an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in London by 2019 will require that fees be paid by any car not adhering to the Euro 6 standards. Other cities are expected to follow close behind.

Lower emissions mean lower road tax for the first year of new car registration, and updating your car to a newer version of the same model could mean savings on fuel and maintenance costs.

*Source: SMMT

Why not make use of the scrappage schemes to drive away in a brand new car that’s better for the environment and better for your pocket?

Swansway Group offer scrappage schemes at various points around the year, for more information please contact your local Swansway dealership

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