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Bus driver sacked after bragging on social media

Bus driver sacked after bragging on social media


Employment tribunal throws out sacked worker’s claim for unfair dismissal after hearing about shocking incidents

Bus driver ran over pedestrians – then bragged about it on Facebook

A bus driver was sacked after he boasted on social media about running over two pedestrians.

Charles Whelan had bragged about the incident on Facebook, adding:

"That’s what they get for running in front of buses, LOL"

The 38-year-old, who lives in Grays, Essex, was dismissed for gross misconduct and breaching company social media policy after a disciplinary hearing.

His bosses at Blue Triangle Buses in Essex also found he had laughed about the victims, posting:

“I put 'em in hospital. In both cases, cleared by the old bill.”

The company launched a probe after a separate incident where Whelan shared CCTV footage of a pedestrian being hit by a double decker.

He was not at the wheel on that occasion.

A cousin of the victim lodged a complaint with Transport for London after he refused their plea to take down the upsetting video footage.

The Sun reported that he launched a claim for unfair dismissal but had it refused by an employment tribunal.

Whelan, a driver for more than 10 years, has also been active on Twitter, posting about road incidents involving cyclists, taxis, pedestrians and even foxes.

His twitter account has since been deleted.  Ooops!