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Black is Back

Black is Back


Swansway Motor Group look at the most popular car sale colours of 2017; from black, white, grey to yellow. Take a look to see our stats.

For the last 5 years the SMMT figures have shown that white was the new black, but no more! 2017 saw over half a million black cars registered making it the UK’s favourite car colour.

You definitely won’t be wowed by a rainbow of colours on our roads; rather boringly 60% of new cars registered in 2017 were black(Just Like the Jaguar XJ Shown below) , grey or white and silver returned pushing one time favourite, red out of the top five.

Seventies favourite, bronze has re-entered the top ten, although it may well be in its more modern guise of ‘rose gold’, a popular colour for phones and tech, which is making its way onto the roads now too.

Black Jaguar XJ

White cars didn’t even take the second spot, pushed into third by grey cars. In the past grey cars would all have been variations of metallic gunmetal grey; the new greys take their inspiration from home decor and are flat colours ranging from pale cloud grey, through French grey to charcoal. Totally different to their predecessor colours the new greys are edgier and very much ‘of the moment’ it remains to be seen how these new flat greys will perform on the used car forecourt.

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Sad to say that the only primary colour in the top 5 is blue; possibly because it comes in a myriad of shades, from midnight blue through to baby blue. A glimmer of hope for a more vibrant road network comes from the fact that orange and bronze are on the up!

Colourful checkered car parked

Strangely, yellow, clings onto its top 10 place, at number 10, though yellow registrations were down 17% on 2016.

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That rather depends on how you’ve financed your car. If it’s on a contract hire agreement, then you can choose the wildest colour you like and it won’t affect you, as at the end of the agreement you’ll be handing your keys back!

Pink Fiat 500 parked

If you’re buying the vehicle outright or via a hire purchase agreement and planning to keep it for a long time, then the colour will matter less as colour’s effect on your car’s value diminishes over time.

It will always be easier to sell the standard, black, white, grey, silver coloured cars, than a snazzy pea green or shocking pink (Just like the funky Fiat 500 shown above) there will be someone for those cars, but finding that buyer will be more difficult and time consuming, thus if you want to change your car after just 2 or 3 year years its colour will have an impact on its value.

That said, who want a world that’s black and white and all shades of grey in between; if peacock blue or candy pink make you smile and brighten every drive, then go for it!

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