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How to Choose Your Sunnies

How to Choose Your Sunnies


June 27th is International Sunglasses Day; which are the best sunnies for driving and what does your chosen style say about you?

Which are the best sunglasses for driving?

With glare from the sun frequently cited as the cause of accidents, which sunglasses are best when you’re behind the wheel?

Tips for Driving in the bright Sunshine

  • Always check your sunglasses have polarized lenses, they contain a filter which helps block reflected light, thus reducing glare.
  • Check the filter category – Category 2, are recommended for daytime driving, whereas Category 4 are NOT suitable for driving in at any time.
  • Choose thin frames, as thick side arms can block your peripheral vision.
  • Keep a pair of sunglasses in your car; you never know when the sun will shine, even in the UK!
  • Make sure your vision hasn’t deteriorated by having an eye test at least every 2 years.

What do your sunglasses say about you?

 When you think of sunglasses do you think them as practical necessity to shade your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun or as the ultimate fashion accessory?

If it’s the former, then you’re rather in the minority, as sunglasses do so much more than provide much needed eye protection. The shape you choose, says much about your personality and people’s willingness to spend large amounts on designer sunglasses, shows how much we value this accessory.

It’s not a modern phenomenon either, with the beautiful Audrey Hepburn being one of the most celebrated female sunglasses icons, along with James Dean, the absolute epitome of cool.

Why do we love sunglasses so much?

For a start they make you look cool; they lend an aura of mystery and sophistication that we all seem to aspire to.

They’re great for people-watching too, allowing you to avoid eye contact and to stare at strangers with impunity!

Wearing sunglasses at night – what’s that all about! Well, they’re a great way for celebs to hide what they’ve been up to, be it one too many drinks or something more risqué; hide your eyes and no-one knows.

They’re great for the morning after the night before too, hiding red and swollen hangover eyes from the world.

While styles go in and out of fashion, the core styles are always around so what do they say about you?


Just as popular with ladies as they are with gents; the Aviator never goes out of fashion and they’ve been around for almost a century. Originally issued to military pilots, they’ve become synonymous with a cool, classic look, worn by those who follow their own style, untroubled by the vagaries of the latest fashion.

Man with colours all over his face wearing aviator sunglasses

Geometric Shaped

How cool are you! For those of us who want to make a statement about our hipster credentials and aching coolness, then the geometric shape is currently the one to wear.

If your fridge is laden with quinoa and wheatgrass; you’re growing a beard or know that skinny jeans are ‘so last year’ then it’s a fair bet that you’re rocking geometric sunnies!

Little girl trying geometric shaped sunglasses on in a full length mirror


If you like to party and are loving the start of festival season then these beauties are probably right up your street. Making it impossible for anyone to see what you’re thinking, these beauties really make a statement and that statement is probably, ‘I love to party’!

Close up of happy man wearing reflective sunglasses


Not just protecting your eyes, but also covering half your face, oversized sunglasses give you air of importance. ‘I’m far too important for you to see me’, they crank up the air of mystery and give the impression your hiding from the paps.

They’re very popular this season and could just mean that you’re a slavish follower of fashion of course!

Girl wearing oversized sunglasses with white frames


Ray-Ban introduced the iconic Wayfarer style in 1956. Large, with thick frames they have become a style staple; much copied and available in a whole host of colours. As a style classic, you can’t go wrong with a Wayfarer and they’re totally unisex, suiting men and women equally.

Wayfarers with coloured frames are very much in vogue.

Man in a car wearing wayfarer style sunglasses


One for the ladies only; cat-eye shaped sunglasses hark back to 1950s starlets. Dramatic, yet very classy, they’re perfect for popping on the end of your nose and gazing over, either to denote displeasure or for a little flirtation!

Never out of fashion, but never the style-du-jour either, these sunglasses say you’re a real individual who doesn’t care for the latest trends.

Girl on a beach using her phone wearing cat eye shaped sunglasses


Think of round sunglasses and you’re bound to think of John Lennon, who made this shape absolutely iconic. Not suited to a specific face shape or every truly the height of fashion these unisex glasses are the choice of those who want to appear above fashion and exude a laid-back, zen, chilled vibe.

The choice of yoga lovers and mindfulness gurus.

Man staring into the distance wearing round sunglasses

You’ll never look at your sunnies in the same way again!