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The Best New Car Picks Of 2017

The Best New Car Picks Of 2017

By Swansway Motor Group 27-02-2017


Looking for a brand new car in 2017? Take a look at these new and improved models due to appear at a Swansway Dealership near you very soon. Order now!

We’re going to be hard pressed to find room for all of the new and improved motors due to hit the car market in 2017.

Fortunately, at Swansway Group, we’ve recently added several new dealerships to our family to cope with the influx.

If you’re looking for something a bit different to drive this year, take a look at the movers and shakers of the automotive world in 2017. Here’s what to expect and when:

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Citroen C3 1.2 PureTechCitroën C3 in White and Almond Green

This fun motor has already hit the road running, early in 2017. Easy to spot with its optional Airbumps and panoramic sunroof, it makes a statement amongst the wide variety of superminis.

Despite it’s compact size, it’s well-equipped for today’s discerning driver with touchscreen and optional dashcam which allows you to show off your new ride to all of your friends. Obviously perfect for city driving, the noise that can be associated with some smaller cars when they hit the motorway is barely noticeable over the raft of added gadgets such as Hill-start Assist, built-in Navigation System and a Reversing Camera, and an excellent mpg of 61.4.

Audi SQ2

Traffic sign recognition, autonomous emergency braking and reversing traffic alert are just a couple of the additions that have been made to the new SQ2. Audi has also made available other gadgets to this compact MPV that are more usually associated with larger cars, after all, why should the big guys have all the fun?

S for sport means that the SQ2 comes complete with sports seats and Audi’s flat-bottomed steering wheel as well as responsive handling that comes with a firmer suspension that might not be to everyone’s liking. Fuel efficiency will not be a priority for this hot Audi, not a worry for those drawn to its quad exhausts, wider body kit, flared arches and big alloy wheels.

Peugeot 5008 Blue Peugeot 5oo8 seen from two thirds rear parked by the sea with amazing sky

This MPV is set to join the ranks of the most successful and practical family cars. Jam packed with new technology and safety features, the longer, more rugged body actually allows for easier Picks of 2017 handling.

Inside, the 12.3-inch digital display and i-Cockpit technology make it simple to use new tools such as the 180o parking cameras and adaptive cruise control, which all contribute to a more comfortable, confident drive. Thanks to Ultra Low Rolling Resistance (ULRR) tyres and a more aerodynamic shape, new Peugeot 5008 owners can expect to obtain around 70 MPG (combined) - certainly not to be sniffed at.

VW Golf GTI RefreshRed VW Polo parked in countryside

For those who can’t wait until 2019 to get their hands on the mk8 GTI, Volkswagen have kindly introduced a refresh of one of their most popular cars. As with many of the new offerings to the car market this year, improved safety features come in the form of Blind Spot Sensor, Automatic Post-Collision Braking System and, usually for a car of this size, trailer stabilization!

New bumpers make the car look wider, increasing it’s road presence without affecting the agility for which it is well-known (although an additional optional suspension pack might add to your comfort). You have to sacrifice some fuel efficiency for the oomph associated with this new GTI, but 47.1 mpg ain’t bad.

Land Rover Discovery 3.0 TD6Land Rover Discovery on the road

With gentler lines and a more sumptuous interior, the new improved Land Rover Discovery is set to soften the image of the UK’s favourite utility vehicle.

Emergency Brake Assist, Lane Departure Warning and Stability and Hill Descent control systems work along with front, side and full-length curtain airbags to provide safety at all times in this new Discovery.

Intelligent Seat Fold technology, allows the 7 seats to be remotely reconfigured while towing capability of up to 3,500kg makes it ultimately practical. Lower CO2 emissions than you might think will make running costs more reasonable than many competitors.


Audi Q5 3.0 TDI

Standard 4-wheel drive, lighter bodywork and a new aerodynamic design are expected to reduce running costs for this new Q5, which could see an MPG of up to 37 - not bad for a large SUV. A new engine and components will also contribute to improved reliability and reduced maintenance costs, which have got to be a bonus for an already attractive motor!

As well as being a dream to drive, parking assistance and a collision warning system will also keep you safe enough on the roads to enjoy the extended legroom that comes with a slightly lengthened wheelbase.


SEAT Arona

Eager to find it’s place in the small MPV market, SEAT has made a great attempt with the Arona. From the early shots that we’ve glimpsed, the Arona looks to be a taller and squarer version of the hugely successful Ibiza.

If the larger SEAT Ateca (launched at the back end of 2016) is anything to go by, body roll won’t be an issue and relatively good fuel efficiency can be expected, certainly upwards of 55 mpg. Starting price seems sensible too, positioning the Arona as a cheaper competitor to the Nissan Juke.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio QuadrifoglioAlfa Romeo Leon in city

Jumping on the SUV bandwagon, Alfa Romeo’s newest introduction to its team is expected to be on the compact end of the scale, which will help with the efforts of the carbon-ceramic brake discs to reduce braking distances.

Style-wise, the offset number plate and characteristic V-shaped front grille make the Stelvio unmistakeably Alfa while the Quadrifoglio version will come with an expected acceleration from 0-60 mph of around 3.9 secs, no doubt making it the fastest SUV in the west, if not the most economical.


Jaguar XF Sportbrake

As with other recent re-vamps in the Jaguar Range, the new Sportbrake is expected to rate highly in NCAP tests which will appeal to anyone attracted to its sportier look with a curvier silhouette and roof mounted spoiler.

Of course, the Sportbrake will still have the roomy interior of an estate and despite a tighter suspension than we’d expect from Jaguar’s saloons, simply to cope with the larger load, it is still expected to boast emissions as low as 104g/km. You won’t notice any bumps as you make use of the InControl infotainment system while cruising in feline fashion, as only a Jaguar knows how.


Jeep CompassJeep Compass with headlights on in the woods

The new Compass retains Jeep’s hard-wearing image, presenting a reliable, off-road vehicle. Improved safety can be expected from seven airbags, lane departure warning system and blind spot monitoring.

The Compass will offer an updated interior with 5, 7 or 8.4 inch infotainment screen and automatic 9-speed gearbox to take advantage of improved manoeuvrability, assisted by off-road capabilities and reversing camera.

With so many new features, words and pictures can’t do these models justice so you’ll have to keep a lookout for all of the new additions on our roads in 2017. Or pop down to your nearest Swansway Group dealership to take a closer look and register your interest in those yet to be released. Come and join the excitement!

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