There’s no better way to gain attention than through an eye-catching image

Put that together with some new and interesting facts to create one of the most popular ways to spread information on the web today: the infographic

But what makes a good infographic? Because at Swansway Group we know a thing or two about cars, we’ve scoured the web to find some of the most relevant information presented in the most memorable ways for you to share with your colleagues, family and friends.

Sit back and relax as we guide you through some of the automotive industry’s best topical tips and data presented as you’ve never seen them before…

Cars of the Silver Screen infographic

Fun, factual and familiar – what more could you want? Most of us will remember these movies, and may well have wondered about the cars that star in them. This infographic will fill in the gaps in your movie automobile knowledge.

Favourite fact: 29 Chrysler Imperial Crown sedans were modified to appear in The Green Hornet (2011). Only 3 survived the filming process!


F1 vs average road car infographic

Most car fans think that they have what it takes to be a racing driver. But how does your vehicle compare to that of a real life Formula One car? This infographic is packed full of information that gives us a small insight into the F1 world. Some of the figures will make your jaw drop!

Favourite fact: It costs nearly £2.5m to build and run a Formula One car for a year, but costs less than £18k for the average purchase and annual running of a road car.


Facts about UK motoring infographic


Whether you’re a car owner or not, we all use the UK’s roads so this data is relevant to everyone. Here, the infographic, compiled in a simple format, provides intriguing facts that will go down well at any gathering.

Favourite fact: 95% of a car’s lifetime is spent parked.

Traits of a Swansway car buyer

This infographic mixes fun facts with industry trends, reflecting lifestyle changes such as internet use. Readers can see how car buying habits have changed in recent years, compare themselves to the profile, and invite friends and family to do the same.

Favourite fact: 69% of buyers still value the advice of the car salesperson.


Evolution of the Ice Cream Van infographic

Sweet desserts and a motor vehicle are an unlikely combination that conjures up warm fuzzy memories of childhood in the form of the ice cream van. Thoughts of sunshine, seaside and summer make this infographic highly shareable with friends and family keen to re-live their youth.

Favourite fact: Ice cream has existed in England as far back as 1671 when Charles II ordered some in for a banquet.


The cost of speeding around the world infographic

Anyone who’s ever had a speeding fine will complain about the cost and the injustice of it, often forgetting that it is supposed to act as a deterrent. But what if they got caught exceeding the speed limit in another country? Share with friends to find out what methods other countries use to discourage dangerous driving.

Favourite fact: Finland operates on a “day fine” system, calculated from an offender’s daily disposable income.


How to Zombie Proof your Car infographic

Bonkers to say the least, this infographic demonstrates that fantasy and entertainment sometimes wins over facts. It takes advantage of the current popularity of zombie-related TV series and movies to make it oh-so-shareable amongst fans.

Favourite fact: Marble dispersion device – Trying to make a quick escape from a gaggle of zombies? Then scatter the road with marbles using a marble dispersion device.

Car Lovers Christmas Gift Guide

It’s a bit early for Christmas we know but love it or hate it, it’ll soon be the season of goodwill and…shopping. Seasonal infographics like this put people in a celebratory mood and are made more shareable with a good range of ideas that offer wacky or practical solutions.

Favourite fact: The Hand Crank Charger is radio, emergency distress signal and charger in one.

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