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Banish Those Food Smells

Banish Those Food Smells


Sometimes a car picnic is the only answer, but how do you banish the smell of fish & chips on the seafront?

Eating in the car…we know we shouldn’t do it, but often we just can’t avoid it.

Keeping fractious kids happy on a long journey; grabbing a snack between appointments; drive-in burgers…when the British weather rains your picnic off and you change to a car picnic; and who doesn’t love a trip to the British seaside with fish and chips in your car, looking out to sea.

The problem is the smell that lingers and lingers in your car. Fish and chips are lovely at the time, so are takeaways, but the smell, in the confined space of your car, can stay for a very long time.

Now, there are all kinds of deodorisers on the market, promising to deliver instant smell-away; but if you want to get rid of your in-car pong, quickly, effectively and economically, then your grandma probably had the right idea – baking soda! Also known as sodium bicarbonate.

Bicarbonate of Soda used for deodorising

Sprinkle the baking soda on fabric seat and carpets, leave it for an hour or so, then hoover it up and voila the smell has gone!

Even better you can stop the smell from lingering in the first place. Get a small container, make some holes in the lid, pop in some baking soda, place it under a seat and it’ll absorb all those nasty smells before they have a chance to linger!

Perhaps best of all a kilo of baking soda costs around a £1.

So long smells!