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Autotrader New Car Award Winners

Autotrader New Car Award Winners


The Autotrader New Car Awards 2019 Winners have been announced

Auto Trader New Car Awards 2020

  • Tesla Model 3 takes ‘New Car of the Year’ award
  • AutoTrader New Car Awards 2020 are based on the opinion of 181,000 real car owners

This is the fourth-annual Auto Trader New Car Awards, which is the UK’s largest and most influential website for new car purchases. The Tesla Model 3 has been announced as the New Car of the Year of 2020 for Auto Trader’s fourth annual New Car Awards.

Rather than relying on an expert judging panel, the winners of the AutoTrader new car awards are determined by real-world insight. Voted by over 181,000 UK car buyers, the winners represent the consumer champions of the new car market, based on the honest opinions of those who have bought, driven and lived with their new vehicles. This allows the car awards to be chosen by those who could give the most accurate indication of which brands and models are meeting the genuine needs of today’s car buyers.

Auto Trader New Car Award Winners - 2020

  1. New Car of the Year:  Tesla Model 3
  2. Most Fun to Drive: Mazda MX-5 RF
  3. Best Car for New Drivers:  Mercedes-Benz A-Class
  4. Best Car for City Drivers: Nissan Qashqai
  5. Best Car for Families:  Volvo XC60
  6. Best Car for Dog Owners: Skoda Karoq
  7. Best Car for Long Distances: Volkswagen Golf
  8. Best Seven-Seater: Volvo XC90
  9. Best Car for Towing: Kia Sorento
  10. Best Utility Vehicle: Volkswagen Amarok
  11. Best Value New Car: Dacia Duster
  12. Best Electric Car: Tesla Model 3 
  13. Best Hybrid Car: Lexus NX 300H
  14. Most Loved Car: BMW 3 Series
  15. Most Reliable Car Brand: Skoda
  16. Car Brand with the Best Tech:  Jaguar
  17. Best Value Car Brand: MG
  18. Most Loved Car Brand: Mini
  19. Rory Reid Award: Audi S8

New awards were introduced for 2020, including replacing the ‘Best Green Car’ category with ‘Best Electric Car’ and ‘Best Hybrid Car’ and the addition of the ‘Rory Reid Award’ for best luxury car. The ‘Rory Reid’ award, judged solely by TV presenter and Auto Trader’s own YouTube Director Rory Reid, has been given to the Audi S8, with Rory insisting it is most likely: “the best car in the world”. 

The awards also saw a couple of subtle name changes; the ‘Car Brand with the Best Features’ award has changed to ‘Car Brand with the Best Tech’ and ‘Best Pick up has been changed to ‘Best Utility Vehicle’.

Jaguar has retained its stronghold as the car brand with the best tech (previously acclaimed for the best features). Kia as a brand has retained its award for offering a Best Car for Towing, this year the Kia Sorento has replaced the Kia Sportage.  The VW Golf retains a place in the Auto Trader New Car Awards, however, has this year won the award for the Best Car for Long Distances, where previously it had been awarded the title for Best Car for New Drivers – won this year by the Mercedes-Benz A-Class. The Dacia Duster has also managed to retain its award for ‘Best Value New Car’ this year.

Winners of the awards are promoted on Auto Trader, the UK’s largest automotive marketplace which attracts an average of 50.1 million cross-platform visits and 235 million advert views a month.

Auto Trader’s search experience allows car buyers to choose from new or used cars all in one place, which helps the consumers who are open to a new car when starting their buying journey, but don’t know what new cars are available, and do an Autotrader how much they cost or how

soon they’ll be available.

AutoTrader New Car Awards 2019

The winners of the AutoTrader New Car Awards 2019 were:

  1. New Car of the Year: Peugeot 3008
  2. Most Fun to Drive: Mini Hatch
  3. Best Car for New Drivers: Volkswagen Golf
  4. Best Car for City Drivers: Toyota C-HR
  5. Best Car for Families: SEAT Ateca
  6. Best Car for Dog Owners: Mazda CX-5
  7. Best Car for Long Distances: Volvo XC60
  8. Best Car Launched in the Last Year: Honda CR-V
  9. Best Seven-Seater: Skoda Kodiaq
  10. Best Car for Towing: Kia Sportage
  11. Best Pick-Up: Toyota Hilux
  12. Best Value New Car: Dacia Duster
  13. Best Green Car: Tesla Model S
  14. Most Recommended Car: Mercedes-Benz E-Class
  15. Most Loved Car: Mazda MX-5 RF
  16. Most Reliable Car Brand: Lexus
  17. Car Brand with the Best Features: Jaguar
  18. Best Value Car Brand: Dacia
  19. Most Loved Car Brand: Tesla

The Peugeot 3008 was announced as the best new car of 2019, according to a consumer vote for the third-annual Auto Trader New Car Awards.Peugeot’s acclaimed SUV has proved to be a firm favourite with the public this year, beating stiff competition from the likes of Hyundai Ioniq, Skoda Octavia and Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Unlike other car awards which rely on editorial judging panels, the Auto Trader New Car Awards were decided by over 63,000 real car owners. Six new awards were introduced in 2019, including ‘Most Recommended Car’, ‘Most Loved Car’, ‘Most Loved Car Brand’ and ‘Car Brand with the Best Features’. At a time when the new and used car markets are being driven by larger vehicles, this year’s awards were dominated by SUVs and crossovers, not only taking the overall crown of New Car of the Year, but also scooping eight other prestigious titles.

When asked about the Auto Trader New Car Awards 2019, Ian Plummer, Auto Trader director said:

This is our third annual New Car Awards and 2019 marks a significant leap forward in terms of its scale. Revealingly, this year’s results mirror what we’re seeing elsewhere on our marketplace: the growing appetite for SUVs and crossovers. Not only have they regularly topped the list as the fastest selling used car since early last year, but they now account for one in five of all body related searches on Auto Trader. In case we needed any further convincing, there can be little doubt that in today’s turbulent market they represent a great opportunity for retailers and a vital addition to any forecourt.

AutoTrader New Car Awards 2018

  • Skoda Octavia takes ‘New Car of the Year’ Award
  • Kia Rio scoops ‘Best Value Car’ while Mazda MX-5 is crowned ‘Most Fun to Drive’
  • Results are based on the opinions of 43,000 real car owners

Skoda’s new cars proved to be a firm favourite with the public in 2018, also securing the title of ‘Best Family Car’ for the Skoda Superb. Runners up for ‘New Car of the Year’ were the BMW 1 Series and the Peugeot 3008.

Brand new categories for 2018 included ‘Best Car for Dogs Owners’ and ‘Best Value Brand’, reflecting Auto Trader’s focus on promoting what really matters to the everyday consumer. Consumers decided the winners based on lifestyle factors like reliability, running costs, appearance and practicality. For dog owners, durability was key, while for families, space, comfort and safety were the key considerations. Consumers were also asked about their overall satisfaction with their cars and how likely they would be to recommend it to others.

The winners of the Auto Trader New Car Awards 2018 were:

  1. New Car of the Year: Skoda Octavia
  2. Best Family Car: Skoda Superb
  3. Best Car for City Driving: Ford Kuga
  4. Best Value New Car: Kia Rio
  5. Best Car for Long Distances: Hyundai Tucson
  6. Most Fun Car to Drive: Mazda MX-5
  7. Brand with the Best Car Features: Nissan
  8. Best Car Launched in the last year: Volvo XC60
  9. Best Value Brand: Dacia
  10. Best Car for Dog Owners: Honda Civic
  11. Most Reliable Brand: Lexus
  12. Best Car for New Drivers: Kia Rio
  13. Best Green Car: Volkswagen Passat GTE Estate

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