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Audi gets all animated over concept car for upcoming film

Audi gets all animated over concept car for upcoming film


Audi’s RSQ e-tron will be driven by secret agent in 2019 film Spies in Disguise, with the character voiced by Will Smith

Audi is taking its first step into the animated world with a concept car designed exclusively for an upcoming spy film.

The RSQ e-tron will be the pride and joy of super-spy Lance Sterling in the 2019 film Spies in Disguise. The character, voiced by Hollywood star Will Smith, will be treated to a host of luxuries, including autonomous driving modes, a holographic speedometer and other Audi assistance systems.

It will fly the flag for animated electronic mobility too, although don’t expect the two-seat machine to make the step to reality any time soon.

The RSQ e-tron makes a brief appearance in a new trailer for the film, produced by Blue Sky Studios and to be distributed by 20th Century Fox, where ‘e-tron’ stitching in the seats can be seen – along with a bit of sideways action.

Frank Rimili, head of Exterior Design Studio 3 at Audi, said:

“Audi takes a digital, forward-looking approach to the design process, both in developing fictional content and in the production modelling studio.

“At Audi Design, we combine state-of-the-art digital visualisation techniques with handmade precision. These processes enable us to implement futuristic design ideas with the same precision in the development of a fictional virtual concept vehicle such as the RSQ e-tron.”

dark cartoon Audi e-tron at night


Erin Williams, vice-president of marketing partnerships and promotions for 20th Century Fox, said:

“Audi and Fox have been great collaborators over the years and we’re thrilled to evolve our relationship, bringing Audi into the world of animation for the first time. This project was the perfect opportunity to highlight Audi’s e-tron technology and give our intrepid spy, Lance Sterling, his own signature spymobile.”

Audi is also set to team up with 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios to present a short animation featuring Sterling. Spies in Disguise will reach cinemas in September 2019.