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Audi and Rimac could be working together on all-electric R8 successor

Audi and Rimac could be working together on all-electric R8 successor


Audi has allegedly approached Croatian EV experts to help with new supercar

Audi has approached EV experts Rimac to help create an all-electric replacement for the R8 supercar, according to reports.

The death of the R8 has long been rumoured to be close, though Audi has never officially confirmed this. However, in an age of downsizing and electrification, the model’s naturally aspirated V10 is at odds with the direction the industry is heading.

However, according to Car Magazine, the German firm has been stepping up its move towards an all-electric replacement for its supercar, which will be known as RS e-tron.

The magazine says that Audi has approached Rimac to supply the four-motor electric powertrain for the vehicle, while the rest of the car would be assembled at Audi’s Bollinger Höfe factory in Germany.

Croatian firm Rimac has made a name for itself as a supplier of high-performance electric powertrains, signing deals with Porsche and Bugatti, with a potential partnership with Lamborghini on the horizon.

The RS e-tron is expected to arrive in about four years’ time, boasting 950bhp and capable of going from 0-60mph in under 2.5 seconds. Car Magazine says senior Audi insiders predict it will have the latest solid-state battery technology with a 95kWh capacity, with a range of 300 miles.

While the RS e-tron would be considered a new model to replace the R8, Audi has dabbled with electric supercars before. In 2015 it released the R8 e-tron, an EV version of its supercar, but sales were extremely limited. It was taken off sale just over a year after going into production.