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Audi and BMW clash on Twitter over logo

Audi and BMW clash on Twitter over logo


German luxury car firms embroiled in social media war after image appears to show a certain ringed logo in a BMW picture

German giants BMW and Audi have become embroiled in a Twitter war over an image posted by the former seemingly showing a certain ringed logo.

A tweet posted by BMW USA of an M4 performance coupe may have seemed harmless at first, but the eagle-eyed Audi account noticed something a little unusual about the picture.

Quoting the tweet, it said: “When you see it…”, referring to a series of rings formed by fireworks behind the M4 in BMW’s post.

Clearly looking for a fight, the Audi account began to engage with commenters in an attempt to rattle its rival from Munich.

One user replied saying: “Can’t wait for BMW’s response”, to which Audi followed up with "We’re waiting".

It may have taken almost 15 hours to come, but the BMW reply appeared to blow its competitor from Ingolstadt away. Its tweet said: “We see it, where we usually do… in the rear-view mirror.”

Perhaps in acceptance of defeat, Audi haven't mustered up a reply...yet.

Commenters seemed to declare a BMW victory, with many posting a number of reaction GIFs suggesting a win for the firm.

One summed it up simply with “savage”.

There was at least some open to the idea of an Audi comeback, though, albeit perhaps in the form of a bribe. One punter hedged their bets, saying:

I support who so ever [sic] is gifting me a new car