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Annoying Habits of Cyclists!

Annoying Habits of Cyclists!


It's Bike Week from 9 - 17 June 2018; here we take a light-hearted look at things about cyclists that get motorists hot under the collar!

Cycling Habits That Have us Banging our Steering Wheel!

Around 80% of cyclists hold a UK Driving Licence, which it makes it all the more surprising that there seem to be so many cycling habits which infuriate us when we’re behind the wheel!

Two-wheeled Tribe

It’s a lovely weekend or maybe even a rainy one, it doesn’t really matter, because the weather won’t stop a gathering of the cycle club and a mass ride. We all love the idea of saving the planet and keeping fit, but not when we’re trying to get somewhere in a hurry on a Sunday and our way is blocked by 20 cyclists riding en masse and blocking the road.

You can feel the waves of disapproval wafting your way at the same time as wanting to slam your hand on your horn and move the whole flock of pedallers out of the way.

Groiup of cyclists taking up the whole lane

Billy-no-mates the Soloist

The opposite of the two-wheeled tribe, yet equally irritating as the soloist tends to cycle wherever in the lane they fancy, meaning you have to cross the middle white line to pass them. You’re desperate to get past, at the same time as petrified they’ll drift into your path.

Two sides of the same coin, both guaranteed to get your anxiety levels pumping.

Boy on a bike with blurred background

Pavement Pete

Despite the fact it’s illegal, our pavements are full of cyclists; ‘Pavement Pete’s are a menace and whilst a cute toddler on his or her Peppa Pig trike may not cause us much anxiety a 6ft teenager bearing down on you on their mountain bike is quite another thing.

And it’s no laughing matter; serious injuries to pedestrians, caused by cyclists doubled in the ten years from 2006 to 2016. Though these type of injuries only form a very small proportion of the overall number of serious injuries to pedestrians, they are on the rise; so, ‘Pavement Pete’s aren’t just a pest, they’re positively dangerous.

Man cycling on the pavement in a pedestrian area

Perfect Parents

A lovely family outing on bikes sounds idyllic, but a couple of little ones wobbling around on their bikes are enough to strike fear into the heart of any motorist. Whilst James and Camilla are cycling merrily along, congratulating themselves on having quality family time and exercise all rolled into one, their kids Savannah and Alfie are wobbling along in their wake, causing a build of cars behind who daren’t pass in case one of the little darlings swerves further out into the road!

Cycling is fabulous for kids, but the number of parents who happily take their tiny tots out on the road, when they’re not old enough to have an understanding of the traffic, seems to be growing and passing them is definitely a heart in mouth moment for the hapless driver.

As there is no legal minimum age regarding how old a child must be to ride on a public road, you need to keep vigilant.

Family cycling together

Two-wheeled Tax Dodger

As you crawl along, stuck behind a ‘two-wheeled tribe’, your mind may wander to the ‘road tax’ you pay and the feeling that these cyclists are riding on your road, holding you up and you’re paying for the privilege.

Well you’d be wrong. ‘Road Tax’ hasn’t been road tax for a long time, it is in fact called VED, vehicle excise duty, and it’s not ring-fenced to be spent on our roads, more’s the pity, it goes into the general taxation pot.

Road repairs and upgrades come out of the amalgamation of all taxes and that includes income tax and VAT, as well as road tax; council tax is also spent on roads, so cyclists are chipping in more than their fair share towards the maintenance of our roads.

Angry woman with steam coming out of her ears

Cyclists may do things to annoy motorists, but if you were using pedal power, you’d be far more concerned about the ridiculous things drivers do to endanger cyclists than vice versa.

So, next time you feel the urge to tut, suck your teeth and moan as a cyclist holds you up, just think about how you could help reduce the number of cyclists are injured by motorists each year, nearly 18,500 in 2016 alone and you’ll soon see that cyclists have lot more to be annoyed and frustrated about than drivers.