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Am I still able to get my car serviced and MOTd during lockdown?

Am I still able to get my car serviced and MOTd during lockdown?


Worried about keeping your car in good shape during lockdown? Here’s what you need to know.

As of 00.01 on November 5, new measures in England again change the way we go about our daily lives to attempt to control the spread of Covid-19. This has seen non-essential retail closed and people asked to stay at home. 

If you need to get your car serviced during this time, or your MOT expires while lockdown rules are in place, here’s what you need to know.

Can I still get my MOT done if it runs out during lockdown?

You’ll be pleased to know that the answer is yes. MOT testing centres are being considered essential, so they can remain open. It means that if you need a new MOT you can book it in as usual with your local garage.

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The government put an extension on all MOTs during the previous lockdown, and this ended recently, so a lot of motorists will be booking in MOTs soon. Therefore, make sure you get in early in case test centres are busy, because you can get a heavy fine and points on your licence for driving without an MOT.

Are dealer service departments staying open?

Although dealerships must close under the new rules, their service departments are being allowed to remain open. 

So, if your car requires a service or maintenance, call your local dealer to book it in as it’s highly likely they’ll still be open. It’s definitely worth ringing ahead though because some dealers might prefer to shut the whole business rather than keep half open and half-closed.

Should I wait to get my car serviced or MOTd?

In a word, no. You are legally required to have an MOT for your car, and unlike the previous lockdown, no extensions will be provided. Therefore, there are no excuses for not having one.

Remember: No MOT will result in penalty points and a fine, so don’t put it off.

You shouldn’t worry about your safety at garages, either. Most firms learned from the previous lockdown and have implemented strict health and safety measures to keep staff and customers safe.

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Joel Combes, director of motor trade legal experts Lawgistics, told Car Dealer Magazine: “As far as we can assume, the rules are likely to be the same as the first lockdown.

“Garages are essential businesses and the rules state that essential businesses can stay open. We are assuming that the rules will be the same as those earlier in the year.”

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