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A quick look at the Audi Q range

A quick look at the Audi Q range

By Swansway Motor Group 14-11-2019


Here’s a quick guide explaining Audi’s vast range of ‘Q’ SUVs

Audi has dramatically increased its presence in the SUV market in recent years, and it’s now considered one of the leading firms when it comes to producing these models. 

Audi introduced its first SUV – the Q7 – in 2006 and has since expanded that to five dedicated ‘Q’ models, and that’s before any of the performance versions have been considered. 

Here’s a round-up of the current Audi ‘Q’ range.

Audi Q2

Introduced into the Audi range at the end of 2016, the Q2 is the German firm’s smallest SUV, though it’s more of a crossover. 

It was one of the first truly premium small crossovers, and is one of the more stylish and tech-laden models in its class, as well as being the most affordable way of getting behind the wheel of a ‘Q’ model.

A sporty SQ2 was introduced to the range in 2018. 

Blue Audi Q2 SUV by beach from rear

Audi Q3

One of Audi’s most popular models is the mid-size Q3, which is a perfect family car thanks to its spacious yet premium interior. It was first introduced in 2012 and has gone onto become a sales hit for Audi. 

A second-generation version was introduced in 2018 with even more tech – LED headlights and Audi’s excellent digital Virtual Cockpit system are fitted as standard, for example.

In 2019 a new sleeker Sportback ‘coupe’ version was introduced, while the powerful RS Q3 will return in 2020. 

Blue Audi Q3 SUV on road from side front

Audi Q5

The Q5 was Audi’s second SUV to be introduced following the success of the Q7, with the BMW X3-rivalling model being introduced in 2009, and it has since been followed by a host of other premium SUVs of a similar size. 

The latest version – introduced in 2017 – continues to be impressively spacious, along with offering comfort levels expected from much more expensive SUVs.

Sporty SQ5s have been available several times throughout the Q5’s lifespan, while an efficient plug-in hybrid has just been introduced to the line-up. 

Silver Audi Q5 SUV on road from side

Audi Q7

The original Audi SUV continues to be one of the class-leading models in the premium SUV world, with this seven-seat model offering one of the most convertible rides around, and is absolutely packed with technology. 

A more upmarket second-generation model was introduced in 2015, while a facelifted version of that car debuted at the end of 2019.

This latest car spawns new mild-hybrid powertrains that reduce consumption, while it’s been updated with a twin touchscreen infotainment system that’s been lifted from flagship models like the A8. You can also get it in powerful SQ7 form. 

Grey Audi Q7 SUV from side

Audi Q8

Sitting at the top of Audi’s Q line-up, the Q8 is as imposing as they come with its vast SIngleframe grille giving impressive road presence. 

Introduced in 2018, it’s the most recent Audi nameplate to be introduced and aims to compete against the growing number of ‘coupe’ SUVs – the Mercedes GLC Coupe and BMW X6, for example. It’s undoubtedly the tech and luxury showcase for the Audi line-up, and has already spawned a powerful SQ8 version, with a mighty RS model set to be on the way. 

Orange Audi Q8 on road from side and front

Find out more about the Audi Q range.

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