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8 Big Benefits Of Getting Your Jaguar Serviced

8 Big Benefits Of Getting Your Jaguar Serviced

By Swansway Motor Group 15-02-2017


Getting your car serviced regularly shouldn't be overlooked. Here we bring you 8 good reasons why! Visit our brand new Swansway Jaguar Crewe site!

8 Big Benefits Of Getting Your Jaguar Serviced

Blue Jaguar car on ramp in workshop being serviced by 2 techniciansOur lives are busy. Packed, even. But there are certain things which we always manage to find time for.Holidays, submitting our tax returns (did you get yours in on time this year?), and visiting the dentist are just three such occasions we’d be daft to miss.

Well we’d like to suggest that you add to that list getting your car serviced. And to persuade you why it’s worthwhile and shouldn’t be overlooked, here we bring you eight good reasons why a once-a-year trip to your local Jaguar dealer will benefit you, and your car, in the long run.

We hope it’ll persuade you that it’s time well spent - and if you’re worried about being without a car while it’s being done, don’t be, as we can arrange a courtesy car for you if you need one, and give us enough notice.

So here, in a nutshell, are the eight reasons why we reckon it’s well worth your time and money having a service done on your Jaguar by an approved repairer:

You’ll know up-front how much you’re going to pay. We don’t start any work until you’ve accepted our transparent and detailed quotation, based on our standard fixed-price service figures.

You’ll help cut the depreciation in the value of your car. One of the biggest indicators of whether a car has been well looked-after is a complete service history. So if you get it serviced on schedule, you’ll increase your chances of getting a good price for it when you come to trade it in or otherwise sell it on.

You’ll drastically cut the chances of something routine going wrong. Every Jaguar’s service schedule is carefully planned so that routine wear and tear is spotted and parts replaced when necessary, or you get an advisory warning suggesting that work will soon be needed. If you miss a service, there could be a list of items which become overdue for replacement, and so create the risk that not only might these fail without warning, but the problems might spread.

Our technicians who’ll work on your car are all Jaguar factory-trained, so they know your car from top to bottom.

At Swansway Jaguar, we only use authentic, Jaguar-approved parts and accessories. So not only will you keep your car as original as possible - you can also be sure that it stays running just as it’s meant to.

Any manufacturer’s warranty still left on your car will be fully maintained, and certain parts will carry a further warranty.

It can work out great value and you can bring predictability to your Jaguar servicing costs if you take out a servicing plan. For a one-off price, you can take care of all your up-front service costs for up to five years - meaning no more big annual bills, and at the same time, ensuring that you’ll get a reminder of when your next service is due. You also ‘inflation-proof’ your servicing costs, so won’t have to pay any extra.

You’ll get the benefit of sound advice, with your interests as a Jaguar owner at heart. We also offer regular promotions throughout the year, giving you the chance, as a valued customer, to save money on other regular items of expenditure, such as MoT tests and seasonal health checks.

So while we know there’s lots of competition out there when you need your Jaguar servicing, at Swansway, we’ve got lots of ways to make it worth your while to choose us. And when you’ve sampled our friendly, comprehensive service, and appreciated the benefits we’ve listed above, we hope you won’t feel the need to go anywhere else!

See a full rundown of the wide range of Jaguar servicing plans and products we offer here. You can also book a service for your Jaguar online in minutes, or contact your local Swansway Jaguar dealership if you need any more information.

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