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7 Great Reasons to Buy A Honda

7 Great Reasons to Buy A Honda


When shopping for a new or used car, everyone has their own list of requirements - from brand and design to economy and safety, and all those other things we think about in relation to our cars.

7 Great Reasons to Buy A Honda

When shopping for a new or used car, everyone has their own list of requirements - from brand and design to economy and safety, and all those other things we think about in relation to our cars.

At Swansway Group, as far as we’re concerned, Honda scores well in all of these.

The Japanese vehicle manufacturer has been designing and making market-leading car, motor bike and boat engines for nearly 70 years so they’ve had a lot of practice! We’ve identified (at least) seven great reasons you should be heading in the direction of your local Swansway Honda dealership for your next new or used car.

For the last 45 years, the Honda Civic has regularly appeared on the list of the world’s best selling cars, while the new Honda CR-V has been rated the best-selling SUV of 2017 so far. This isn’t just good news for Honda, it’s great news for British business too as the latest Honda Civic model is manufactured in Swindon!

> With a pedigree such as this, the Honda Civic should be on everyone’s must-try list.

The Honda Civic is one of the most recognisable cars anywhere in the world. Currently on its 10th generation, the Civic has a very modern design that is miles ahead of the older generation models. It looks fantastic and manages to be both cutting edge and widely appealing. It’s a design that works for young and old which is reflected in strong sales.

The engines available are reliable and frugal, the turbocharged 1.0-litre is great around town while the 1.5-litre delivers 180hp which is ideal for longer journeys.

Want something edgier? The Honda Civic Type R uses a turbocharged 2.0-litre VTEC engine to deliver excellent performance on the track and on the road.

Learn more about the popular Honda Civic 5 - door at our Honda dealership in Stockport.

Cost has a huge influence over buying decisions and not just for expensive items like cars. Both buying cost and running costs have to be taken into account when shopping for a new vehicle.

The Honda HR-V was assessed to have the slowest depreciation of any family crossover. So even once you have paid for and enjoyed your Honda, you still get value for money if you can bear to part with it.

The Honda HR-V is one of the original crossovers with a great design that offers a youthful exterior alongside timeless elegance. This is a small crossover with a deceptively spacious interior. It manages to combine the agility of a small car with the capacity of a crossover, and performs well as both.

The Honda HR-V is available in four trims and two engines, one petrol and one diesel. The petrol engine is a capable 1.5-litre VTEC that produces 128hp while the diesel is a DTEC four cylinder that generates 118hp. Both use a manual transmission. The petrol also has the option of Honda’s very slick automatic gearbox.

You can check out the Honda HR-V at Swansway Group’s Honda dealership in Bolton.

If that wasn’t reason enough to consider a Honda, maybe the fact that the Japanese manufacturer is regularly voted one of the most reliable car manufacturers when it comes to frequency of problems and availability/cost of repairs.

Reliability isn’t just about saving money on servicing and repair. It’s also about peace of mind. Knowing that your car will work when you need it most and won’t leave you stranded on the side of the road awaiting recovery with 3 kids, a dog and no umbrella! While there is definitely a financial element to reliability, it is much more about confidence. That is something every Honda model has in bucketfuls.

Throughout the Honda range, you’ll never need to sacrifice style for reliability. With the Honda Civic Hatchback, for example, a sporty, sculptured design with bold lights and colour-coded rear spoiler provides a dynamic, racy look.

The engine options available at Swansway Group - 1-litre petrol and 1.5-litre petrol - provide great economy with the 1.0 129ps VTEC Turbo S and SE beating the bunch to a combined MPG of 60.1 (automatic) and 58.9 (manual). Emissions are low too, typically experiencing 110 g/km with manual transmissions and 106 g/km with the automatic alternatives.

Check out the Honda Civic Hatchback at our Honda dealership in Stockport.

Some car manufacturers create models to fit every conceivable use. Saloon, hatchback, crossovers, crossovers for families, crossovers especially for dog owners, and so on. Honda went another way, creating models that could be tailored to your exact needs.

Each Honda is created to be as flexible as possible without compromising its primary goal. Seats fold down flat, rear or passenger access is generous and there is a trim or model to suit just about every need and taste. From Honda Connect for technology to ‘Magic Seats’ for space.Hondas tick all of the boxes.

You don’t need to buy a car specific to a function.

You just need to buy a Honda that really can be all things to all people.

The Honda CR-V is also a segment leader, having been a compact crossover before that term was even invented. Slightly larger than the HR-V, it is also roomier and has more interior space. The cabin is comfortable and feels quite luxurious. It also has some of the largest boot space of any vehicle in its class.

The design is elegant and simple and seems all the better for it. None of the fussiness of its competitors, the CR-V is content to let the quality and capability speak for itself. Available in four trims with three engine options, there is a CR-V for everyone. There is the same 1.6-litre DTEC diesel as the HR-V but comes as either a 118hp or 158hp version. There is also a 2.0-litre VTEC engine too.

See how the Honda CR-V can work in any situation by visiting our Honda dealership in Stockport.

Whatever you need from your car, no one has ever turned down some extra space. Even if you usually travel alone, boot capacity and wide comfortable seats are always a welcome addition to any vehicle for work, pleasure or even a trip to IKEA!

We’ve already looked at Honda’s ‘Magic Seats’ that allow you to effortlessly adjust interior space of your car. Another feature of Honda cars is the diverse sizes of the cars in the range. From the compact Jazz - an excellent option for getting you out of any tight space during a spot of city driving - to the excellent headroom and legroom provided by the CR-V.

The Honda Civic Tourer’s raison d’etre is space. With flexible seating and 624 litres of boot space, it has one of the largest capacities in its class. Available with four trims and two engines, this is a practical car with a healthy amount of personality too.

It looks like a Civic, drives like a Civic and feels like a Civic, yet has enough room for even the busiest families, a set of golf clubs and probably even the kitchen sink!


The Honda Jazz is a sensible supermini with frugality and safety in mind, yet it manages to be interesting enough to appeal to a wide range of drivers. The Jazz is highly regarded as a great first car thanks to high safety scores and reliability. It’s a predictable car to handle and offers the agility and light steering that makes it ideal for our towns and cities.

Buyers of all ages like the Honda Jazz because of the comfortable cabin, excellent build quality and surprisingly spacious interior. Despite being a supermini, it can comfortably fit four adults with room left for shopping.

All of the other Honda models have top safety credentials too.

In fact, the entire Honda range is very highly rated for safety.

The ability to combine safety, reliability and performance is incredibly difficult but Honda manages it it ease throughout the whole range. The new Honda NSX, for example, combines a beefy V6 engine with three electric motors to deliver manageable power

With a strong and lots of technical advances, this NSX is the best yet. Enough car to satisfy those who remember the original 1990 model and those who don’t.

This Honda is an ‘affordable’ supercar that looks amazing, drives superbly

well and would look good on any driveway.

The design includes all those supercar cues with few of the compromises this type of car usually demands. The cabin is comfortable and spacious and the handling is easy work considering the power. Finally, the level of equipment includes everything you could possibly need in a car of this type with the added bonus of looks that’ll have all of your neighbours talking

This star of the show generates an awesome 573hp and uses an advanced nine speed automatic transmission to send power to the rear wheels. It really does have to be experienced to be believed .

Now you’ve seven very good reasons to buy seven great Honda cars, what are you waiting for? Take a closer look at your local Swansway Group Honda Dealership where our expert team will be happy to help you make an informed choice!

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