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5 of the Most Loved Coffees

5 of the Most Loved Coffees


National Coffee Day is coming up on October 1st and we're celebrating by taking a look at 5 of the best loved coffees! Take a look at our blog here.

We're celebrating International Coffee Day

 Coffee... The second most traded commodity in the world, the first being oil! 500 Billion cups of coffee are drank every year and over half of these are consumed at breakfast. Many of us start our day with a cup of coffee to give us that well needed energy boost in the mornings. So for International Coffee Day we are looking at the 5 most loved coffees and what it is about them that makes them so special!

What are the most Loved Coffees:

  • Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Americano
  • Mocha
  • Espresso 

Latte A latte consists of steamed milk poured on top of an espresso - it’s not too fancy but gives a creamy taste to an otherwise bitter espresso.

Latte with coffee art on the top in a teal cup and saucer

Fun Fact: The strength of the coffee is quite weak due to the amount of milk that is used and the milk also weakens the effects of the caffeine due to the milk’s added fat content which works to slow down the rate that our bodies absorb the caffeine.


Cappuccino When you think of a Cappuccino, you usually associate that with foam. A Cappuccino is made with espresso and then foam is placed on top of it and the foam is created from the steam coming out of the lever on the espresso machine. The drink is then sprinkled with a little cinnamon or chocolate powder to add a little kick.

frothy cappuccino surrounded by coffee beans

Fun Fact: Did you know that that the steamed foam served on top of the cappuccino serves as an insulator and allows the liquid to retain its heat for a longer time? This allows you to spend more time chatting on your coffee dates before the coffee gets cold!


Americano An Americano is a watered down form of a regular espresso. This drink is for those of us who just can’t handle the intense strength of a normal espresso  but still need a  boost! The added boiling water allows you to enjoy the flavour taste of an espresso but with only a percentage of the strength!

Hot black americano with book open in the background

Fun Fact: Legend has it the ‘Americano’ gained its name from the American soldiers diluting espresso shots during WWII.


Mocha A Mocha is usually any type of espresso drink with a shot of chocolate in it. You can add the chocolate flavour by using a syrup or a chocolate powder mix. The strength of a mocha is also quite weak due to the amount of milk it contains, but you can still taste that coffee kick.

Mocha with coffee art on top

Fun Fact: Even though the word “Mocha” is commonly known as the chocolate- coffee combination, Mocha is actually the name of a port in Yemen and it is here that coffee beans from Africa are transported. So “Mocha” has to do with the origin of the coffee bean you’re drinking, not whether or not it contains chocolate.


Espresso  An Espresso is the strongest of all the coffees normally taken in the form of a shot. This is what you would drink if you needed a quick boost of energy, or to wake you up in the morning. An espresso is a particular type of coffee brewing method that uses high pressure to force nearly boiling water through finely ground coffee in about 20 seconds.

espresso in the centre of a wood table

Fun Fact: In Italy, Espresso is regulated by the government as it is considered an essential part of their daily life!

And there we have it - whether you want a quick boost of energy before the gym or a creamy drink to enjoy on a cold day there is a coffee for everyone. So now all you need to do is put your feet up and enjoy a cup of Joe!

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