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5 Free Things To Do in Crewe

5 Free Things To Do in Crewe


At Swansway Group, we have put together a list of what free things the town of Crewe and surrounding areas has to offer including Queens Park!

The day-to-day work place routine can often be hectic and busy, so when it comes to the weekend, the majority of us want to step out of the chaos for just a few days, and indulge in some well-deserved me time.

5 free to do in and around Crewe:

  1. Queens Park
  2. Wheelock Rail Trail
  3. The Salt Line and Borrow Pit Meadow
  4. Sandbach Park
  5. Brook Wood

Whether you’re a fan of long lie ins and Netflix days, or whizzing down zip wires in North Wales each chance you get, it’s safe to say that we all look forward to a weekend off, and leave the office with an extra spring in our step come Friday afternoon.

But, when you want to enjoy the great outdoors either by yourself, or with friends and family, how do you get the most out of your weekend without going overboard on yours spends?

We’ve come up with the top 5 things to do in and around Crewe, which are all free! That’s right, no entry costs or booking fees to worry about here, just a few little treats which could make your weekend just that extra bit more precious, all while keeping your money safe and sound.

So, let’s get started!

1. Queens Park

Based in the heart of Crewe, Queens Park is a stunning area of pure greenery and a taste of nature. After a recent refurbishment, the park is now maintained by a group of volunteers who regularly keep on top of the cleanliness and presentation of the area.

Delicately planted flower beds galore, and even host to a stunning lake which runs the whole way through and features many ducks and swans. In the sunshine, Queens Park is often filled with running children playing on the swing sets, and giggling families enjoying their picnics. Where bringing your own nibbles is welcome, taps are also available to fill up water bottles or for a lovely drink for your dog! That’s right, pets are very much welcome too!

There’s even free onsite parking available too, based just off Victoria Avenue!

Although free to visit, if you did fancy splashing out a little bit, the lake also offers boat trips, which can be purchased from a small hut along the walkway. Queens Park now features a huge onsite café as well, where visitors can refresh with an ice cream or coffee if you did want to splash the cash!

2. The Wheelock Rail Trail

Not far from Wheelock Hall Petting Farm, the Wheelock Rail Trail is located close by Elworth in Sandbach.

Graded easy, with a distance of 2 ¾ miles, the Wheelock Rail Trail has a level and firm terrain for both walking and cycling. The path follows the trail of a disused railway from Ettiley Heath to Malkins bank, and is rich in local wildlife and plants which offers a stunning scene for a stroll through the Cheshire Countryside.

Although there is no onsite parking available, the Wheelock Rail Trail is roughly a 25 minute walk from Sandbach Town Centre, where visitors can park and stroll down to the trail at ease.

There is also no admission fee for this activity, so even though the trail takes on average 1 ½ hours to walk its full distance, you could spend your whole day there if you wanted to!

3. The Salt Line and Borrow Pit Meadows

For lovers of the Great Outdoors, the Salt Line and Borrow Pit Meadows are sure to offer an enjoyable walk through the Cheshire Countryside.

Connecting up with other public footpaths, as well as the Trent and Mersey Canal towpath, there is also opportunity to take part in the ‘Tale of Trees’ self guided trail! With a guide available to download, visitors can find out some interesting and educational facts about the nature around them, and also learn about the folklore and myths that surround the trails!

Starting off in the free onsite car park, the Salt Line Solar System Trail is ready and waiting for you. Take a walk through the pathway and spot each of the posts with planets marked on them, all the way through to Neptune at the end. Don’t forget to print off your handy guide here first to make your experience that bit more enjoyable!

Located near Hassall Green, between Sandbach and Rode Heath, the Salt Line and Borrow Pit Meadows has free onsite parking and a number of picnic tables located along the trails to stop and take a much-needed break.

4. Sandbach Park

Within walking distance from Sandbach town centre, Sandbach Park is a charming setting for a family walk.

With plenty of easy to walk pathways dotted throughout the greenery, this well-kept area is a true hidden gem in the heart of Cheshire, cared for by local volunteers.

Dogs are very much welcome, and children especially love playing with their pups in the greenery. There’s even a small wildlife pond as well, giving young ones the chance to play ‘spot the animal!’

Peaceful and relaxing, Sandbach Park offers a moment of tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle, giving you the chance to finally sit back and relax.

5. Brook Wood

Thanks to several local, hardworking volunteers, Brook Wood truly is a hidden gem.

Located a short 15 minute walk away from Sandbach town centre, Brook Wood offers a leisurely stroll through nature, where you can hear the birds singing through the trees. Small benches are dotted along the paths for a quick sit down before moving on to see where the next pathway leads.

A river follows the trail and visitors often bring their dogs for a walk while kept on their leads.

After the hustle and bustle of a busy working week, a refreshing walk through Brook Wood could just hit the spot. The trees work to block out noise and the traffic all while giving the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere when really you’re only outside of town!

And there we have it, a short guide on 5 Free Things To Do in Crewe! We hope you spot something which catches your fancy, and let us know how your trip went by commenting on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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If you know of a hidden gem in your local area, we’d love to hear from you. Send your experience to social@swanswaygarages.com for the chance to have your say in our next 5 Free Things Blog!

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