5 Free Things To Do In Congleton

5 Free Things To Do In Congleton

By Swansway Motor Group 28-04-2017


At Swansway Group, we have put together a list of what free things the town of Congleton has to offer including Astbury Mere! Take a look

Spending time with your families in the sun is a wonderful way to spend your weekends, and with the school holidays fast approaching finding activities may be at the top of you ‘to do’ list!

We’ve decided to have a look at what fun things Congleton has to offer without having to break the bank, so let’s get started:

Astbury Mere Country Walk

A lush green park developed on the site of a former sand quarry, just off Newcastle Road in Congleton.

The site encompasses open space and has incredible panoramic views of the surrounding area. It’s completely free entry and just ten minutes’ walk from the town centre so you could happily pack a picnic and some outdoor games and you would be set for the day!

The mere features a 1.2 mile path which is wheelchair friendly, and dogs are very much welcome. There's even a weekly run scheduled for 9AM each Saturday morning if you fancy joining in and watersports available on site.

The park itself has path ways leading into the countryside so those of you who are feeling extra adventurous and also hosts a beginners orienteering course - maps available at the park office.


Glebe Farm Astbury

This time of year is by far the best time to visit Glebe Farm, just think of all the beautiful little lambs!

The farm has many varieties and breeds of farm animals for your children to meet and learn about, some of whom they have hand reared, rescued or inherited! It’s a unique day out and one that all ages will enjoy.


Congleton Museum

Another fantastic activity that would not only get your kids away from the TV screen but is also a great way for you and all the family to learn more about the area of Congleton.

The museum itself is a registered charity and was formed in 1985 by a group of local history enthusiasts to pull together as much as possible of the history of Congleton and to explore ways of exhibiting it to the community.

There are a variety of exhibitions for you to see, with the including main exhibition gallery displays four major themes associated with the town’s past; archelogy and pre-history, the Civil War, the Industrial Revolution and the Second World War.


Congleton Paddling Pool

With a grounds refurbishment taking place at the moment, the Congleton Paddling Pool is an absolute treat when it opens on the 27th of May for the Summer! You might feel like you’re the only person not sunning themselves abroad but when you have your kids, the sun and a pool to play in, you really can’t complain!

The establishment has been up and running from the 1930’s and it’s a lovely way to support the site which encourages a sense of community for Congleton. There is a Paddling Pool Attendant on duty at all times but the Council do advise it is built for 11 year olds and under.


Victoria Mill Antiques and Collectors Centre

Perhaps an activity best left for adults (as a bull in a china shop springs to mind when we think of young children in this environment.)

The centre itself consists of four floors of retail with three floors of Antique and Collectables, offering a wide selection of quality antiques and artefacts.

It’s absolutely free to walk around but there is a quaint coffee shop if any of you feel like treating yourself to a cup of tea and a scone!


And there we have it, a short guide on 5 Free Things to See and Do in Congleton. We hope you spot something which catches your fancy, and let us know how your trip went by commenting on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

If you know of a hidden gem in your local area, we’d love to hear from you. Send your experience to social@swanswaygarages.com for the chance to have your say in our next 5 Free Things Blog.

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