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5 free things to do in Blackburn

5 free things to do in Blackburn


If you're looking for something to do after visiting our Blackburn Audi dealership, take a look at our top 5 things to do in the local area.

One of the first industrialised towns, former mill centre, Blackburn is a place that we cherish here at Swansway Motor Group.

It is home to our Swansway Audi Blackburn dealership, and it’s full of great things to do for free!

5 Free things to do in Blackburn:

  • Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery 
  • Blackburn Cathedral
  • Witton Country Park
  • Panopticon Colourfields
  • Only foals and Horses sanctuary

Take a look at what it has to offer, we’re sure something will catch your eye.

1. Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery

Outside view of Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery

This listed building from 1874 is sure to take your fancy. Go and view the largest collection of woodcuts outside of London’s Victoria and Albert museum, or perhaps it’s oil paintings that float your boat. You might even be inspired to take up a new hobby.

2. Blackburn Cathedral

Outside view of Blackburn Cathedral on a clear blue day

Embrace history with this beautiful building right in the centre of the town. Stand in awe of the sun beaming through 56 different panes of stained glass in the lantern tower with its aluminium spire. Take a blast into the past and listen to the 10 bells ringing as they would have over 350 years ago. What a way to learn about this town.

3. Witton Country Park

stream running through Witton country park

This country park covers over 480 acres of land and is full of picnic areas, walks, nature trails and a new play area for the kids! The estate was once owned by the Fielden family, but since 1900 the house has been empty and was sadly demolished in 1952 after being sold in 1942. However the outbuildings survived.

4. Panopticon Colourfields

view of Panopticon Colourfields where 2 Russian Cannons used to be

Who’d of thought that the remains of two Russian cannons could be made into something so cool. This dramatic change to the battery of the cannons has given it new height, space and such amazing colour. If you go to the top the view of the landscape below is absolutely mesmerising.

5. Only foals and Horses sanctuary

Little child stroking a horse at the Only foals and Horses sanctuary

Last, but certainly not least, we have one for the animal lovers. It’s not quite Delboy and Rodney’s antics but it’s sure to bring a smile to your face. The sanctuary was originally set up to prevent foals from being sold for slaughter but now it looks after old and mistreated horses.

So there it is our top 5 free things to do in Blackburn. What are you waiting for go and enjoy it!

If you know of a hidden gem in your local area, we’d love to hear from you. Add your suggestions below for the chance to have your say in our next 5 Free Things Blog.

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