5 Of The Best Loved Board Games to play with the Family

5 Of The Best Loved Board Games to play with the Family

By Swansway Motor Group 31-03-2017


It’s the 21st Century and we’re a society increasingly guilty of being glued to our smart phones, laptops and tablets. Time to bring back the Board Game!

It’s the 21st Century and we’re a society increasingly guilty of being glued to our smart phones, laptops and tablets

Look around and more often than not you’ll just see the tops of people’s heads as they’re transfixed by a screen of one sort or another. So, it’s really refreshing when we focus on an activity that encourages us to get together with our families and have a little fun. It’s time to bring back the Board Game!

Whether it’s the memory of sitting in on a rainy day with the grandparents trying your best to role a double or arguing with your brothers and sisters over who gets to be the Scottie Dog in Monopoly; there’s a game out there for everyone.

As it is Big Board Game Day on the 31st of March, we thought we’d take a look back to when we were little and remember some of the most loved board games we would have played with our families.


3-6 Players

Aged 8+

The classic murder mystery game for three to six players. The game relies on the process of elimination, sharp eyes and a flair for mystery; where else can you find the combination of Miss Scarlett, lead piping and the Study or scream at Reverend Green and Colonel Mustard! It’s a perennial favourite for a reason.

Interesting fact: The Classic Mystery Game first introduced in 1949!


2 Players

Aged 5+

A timeless board game, it not only looks decorative on your coffee table but has an ancient heritage, originating from Egypt. The aim is for each player is to move all their counters from the starting point to ‘home’ without being captured by their opponent along the way. It’s often gambled upon too, as with the throw of the dice there’s plenty of scope for strategy and malice-a-forethought!


Interesting fact: One of the oldest board games known, Backgammon has reportedly been around since AD 476-491!


2 Players

Aged 7+

This two player game makes it perfect for any competitive twosome. Based on noughts and crosses style manoeuvres, players must try to capture and overturn the opponent’s disc, leading to their own colour dominating the board. The name originates from the Shakespeare play reflecting the conflict between Shakespeare’s black Othello and his two-faced foe Iago!


Interest fact: In 1971, Goro Hasegawa published his strategy guide, “How To Win at Othello”


2-6 Players

Aged 8+

An all-time favourite, now in many different formats. It’s an absolute classic and if you haven’t heard of this game then the chances are you’re an alien who’s just landed! Appealing to all ages, many of us will carry the scars of childhood memories; with over-competitive mums and dads whooping as they land they land on Mayfair, buy it and bankrupt their 8 year old in the process. We’ve all been there!


Interesting fact: Monopoly is based on Atlantic City, New Jersey.


2-4 Players

Aged 8+

A game so popular it’s sold over a hundred million copies worldwide. Scrabble is synonymous with words, with many of us striving for the joy of a triple word score, with a double letter score thrown in for good measure!


Those seven tiles can bring joy or misery for the 2 to 4 players round the table; with the letter Q bringing horror if not picked out of that little bag with an accompanying U!

It’s good for extending children’s vocabulary, although for some strange reason, the ‘rude’ words always seem to pop up on your tile rack, when you’re playing with your ten year old nephew!

Interesting fact: It’s possible to score 1,782 in one single word!

Whether you’re in it to win it and determined to be the ultimate winner or if you’re all about the taking part and enjoying some well-deserved family time, board games certainly do bring us together for a good old fashioned dose of fun.

What are we waiting for? Let’s crack out our old favourite and call the family round!

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