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17 In 2017 - The Year Of The Driving Test

17 In 2017 - The Year Of The Driving Test

By Swansway Motor Group 02-03-2017


Like 679,029 others who were born in the UK in 2000, are you eligible to take his driving test this year?

The Year Of The Driving Test
17 in 2017

Meet Max. He’s turning 17 in 2017. Like 679,029 others who were born in the UK in 2000, this makes him eligible to take his driving test this year and (if he’s lucky) bag himself a brand new 17-plate car from March 2017.

While the driving test is a pretty big landmark in Max’s life so far, and probably all he’s thinking about at the moment, there have been plenty more momentous occasions over the last 17 years, for him and the rest of the world. Let’s look at some of the things Max’s friends and family might recall in the years since the turn of the millennium…


The Big Brother series first invades our homes.

The Y2K bug was indeed a lot of fuss about nothing.


The first of the Harry Potter films is released.

Apple introduce the iPod - the first of many!


Pop Idol crowns Will Young as its first winner.

The nation celebrates the Golden Jubilee.


Concorde makes its last commercial flight.

A new series iof Dr Who announced 14 years on.


Strictly Come Dancing makes an appearance.

SpaceShipOne is the first privately-funded spaceplane.


YouTube appears this year allowing us to vlog.

Civil Partnership Act gives same rights as civil marriage.


Planet Earth makes debut on the BBC.

Twitter inventor Michael Dorsey sends the first tweet.


Smokers are relegated to the great outdoors.

The new Wembley Stadium is opened after a five-year wait.


US TV programmes grinds to a halt as writers go on strike.

John Darwin and wife Anne are rumbled for faking his death.


The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, dies suddenly.

Barack Obama is sworn in as the first black US President.


Road grit shortage occurs during one of the worst cold snaps.

Due to Volcanic ash cloud over 95,000 flights are cancelled.


Prince William and Kate Middleton get hitched.

10 years after the 9/11 attacks, Osama Bin Laden found.


Wikileaker, Julian Assange, runs away to hide in Ecuador.

Great Britain hosts the 2012 Olympic Games.


King Richard III remains found under Leicester car park.

Candy Crush becomes the most popular game on Facebook.


WikiScotland votes to remain part
of the United Kingdom.

The year of the selfie, thanks to Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscars photo.


Jewels worth £14 million are stolen by 4x pensioners.

First Cereal Killer Cafe opens in London via Crowdfunding.


Pokemon Go is downloaded 500 million times worldwide.

Donald Trump becomes ‘leader of the free world’.


It’s time for Max to test his
driving theory. Only one
more hurdle before he can
take his driving test and hit
the open road…

So, Happy Birthday to Max and all those reaching the milestone age of 17 in 2017. While it’s early in the year, there’s plenty of history to be made but we know one thing for sure: those 17-plates are going to be flying out onto the roads. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that one of them will belong to Max.

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