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11 Personalised Car Plates That Will Divide You

11 Personalised Car Plates That Will Divide You


Are personalised car registration plates a status symbol or a cue to cringe? Take a look at 11 car registration plates that will divide opinion.

Are personalised car registration plates a status symbol or a cue to cringe? Take a look at 11 personalised car registration plates that will divide opinion.

We’ve already looked at how the UK number plate system gives every car its own unique identity. Each car registration plate has a story to tell but to make a real statement, many car owners require something a bit more special.

To some, it’s the ultimate way to advertise your wealth, others think that they are the height of tackiness. At Swansway Group, we’re divided on personalised UK car registration plates so we’d love to hear your thoughts on our social channels - a sound investment, the perfect gift or a sign of more money than sense?

The most costly plate ever sold by the DVLA was that of ‘25 O’ in 2014.  At the eye-watering  price of £518,000, it’s currently being sported by a £10 million 250 SWB Ferrari once owned by Eric Clapton.

While you don’t have to have a lorry load of cash to get your hands on a personalised  licence plate (prices start at around £25), you might need to get creative with spacing and screw placement for the digits to make any sense. But beware, in tampering with your number plate you risk confiscation and a £1000 fine!  In general, the wittier and more relevant the number and letter combinations, the more you can expect to pay.

Find a plate that spells out an up-and-coming young band, for example and you could be sitting on a small gold mine. Bought for £285,000 in 2009, a year before the formation of One Direction, the registration plate 1D was then sold for £352,000 in 2012 - making a 23.5% profit.

Personalised licence plates are used to display all sorts of things - the driver’s name or profession, a message, a favourite sports team or even (avert your eyes, please) an offensive slogan. Join us as we at Swansway Group take a look at some of the most creative or cringeworthy attempts to personalise a motor - we promise that we won’t offend!

Stars In Their Cars

Legendary performers such as Paul Daniels and Jimmy Tarbuck were some of the first to acquire registration plates that announced their professions: MAG 1C and COM 1C. Can you guesswhich one belonged to which entertainer? Celebrity hair stylist, Nicky Clarke, however, is a bit more cryptic about his profession, choosing to tag his car with a H41 RDO.

Smile Please - CAV17Y​

Famous people aren’t the only ones who like to boast about their profession. This car looks like it might very well play a part in keeping our smiles bright as we drive past the increasing number of cameras on the roads. Surely belonging to a dentist, we can’t help but wonder whether this Jaguar regularly attends its check-ups.

What A Lotta Trotter - P16 LUV​

Owned by someone else who is obviously very proud of their job, this registration has been spotted on the car of a pig breeder. Clearly devoted to his herd, this driver professes his Pig Love everywhere he travels.

Say It With A Car Reg - S8 RRY​

Talk about a public apology! When crooner Robbie Williams acquired his Ferrari with the message S8 RRY on the registration plate, he was allegedly referring to the fact that the ex-Take Thatter had spent a small fortune on the car, despite not holding a driving licence! He thought that his fans might not approve but maybe they would have preferred AN16ELS instead?

Play On Words ​- 2 B; NOT 2 B​

Nothing says, “I love you” better than a pair of matching number plates! Or does it? What do you think of this duo, cleverly made to reproduce one of Shakespeare’s most famous phrases?

Appropriate enough while they are parked side by side but we can’t help thinking that something will be missing as soon as His and Hers cars part ways...like half of the phrase! ​

Devil In The Detail - LU51 FER ​- LU51 FER

​What else would Satan drive other than a black Ferrari with this ever so appropriate registration plate? With limited boot space, his pitchfork would have to ride shotgun which might raise a few eyebrows when he pops into his local drive thru fast food store for a Zinger Burger, extra hot.​

Love Me, Love My Car ​ - TU53 XYX​

Owned by someone with buckets of confidence, this car registration needs an imaginative eye to make sense of it. Is the driver Too Sexy? Or too creative with this plate? Either way, they’d have to keep themselves as well maintained as their car in order to live up to expectations

.​Romeo Echo Golf ​- WH15KEY

If you don’t want to become the subject of a police call, this car registration is the only way to safely mix alcohol and driving. The owner of this Whiskey plate no doubt gets into the spirit at every event, blending well with friends, new and old, making them the toast of every social occasion.

Green Eyed Motor - WE11 JEL​

Amy Childs likes her TOWIE phrase so much that she paid £80,000 to have it on her car registration plate, only to crash the car several weeks later. Fortunately she was unharmed, making it more a case of Lucky Lady than Well Jel.

Carjacking - WHO5 BAD

If Michael Jackson were still with us, he’d be cruising around in this Thriller of a ride, asking Who’s Bad? The King of Pop would have to watch his speed, otherwise he’d be looking out for the police Man in the Mirror in a Black or White car, lying in wait to catch this Smooth Criminal.

Vexing Vehicle - UR51 OWX

When they aren’t blowing their owner’s trumpet, personalised registrations can sometimes poke fun at other road users. If you were following the car carrying this plate, you’d be teased that You Are Slow. Placing a kiss after the phrase, does nothing to lessen the taunt and we can imagine the few drivers that can decipher this plate might be AN63 RED (or angered) by the remark.

If you fancy getting yourself noticed on the road and have some spare change burning a hole in your pocket, you can get your hands on ‘THE 835T’ registration plate for a mere £28,680.

Alternatively, you could attract admiring glances for different reasons by acquiring a new car for considerably less than some of these costly private registration plates. Pop down to your local car dealership to take a peek at our new and used cars. We’ll make you feel like a million dollars without having to spend anywhere near that amount.