10 Harry Spells That Would Make Driving Cars Magic

Imagine driving in a Harry Potter World?! Imagine making our cars fly, soar or disappear with one or two words! These are 10 of the best spells we’d love to use!

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good…

Facing another joyous journey to work across the M56 or down the M6? Traffic is horrific, horns are blaring and there are roadworks causing another gridlock at junction 16. How lovely!

To celebrate Harry Potter and The Cursed Child’s release worldwide, here are 10 of the best Harry Potter spells you could use to make the daily commute to work a little less stressful.


Who needs keys to open a car door when you’ve got this spell to hand? Don’t worry about leaving your keys on the kitchen counter in a rush

to get out of the house in the morning, one swish of your wand and you’re in.

No problem locking it either with the handy Colloportus spell!


Cars are great, aren’t they? They really are lovely, we all know that.

But imagine, if all our cars could transform into GIANT FLYING BIRDS! Imagine if we could take our car up and away off our roads with the flick of our wrist, and feel that glorious rush of wind through our hair…



Also known as the ‘Undetectable Extension Charm’, this incredibly useful spell drastically increases the capacity for storage, without increasing external dimensions. Imagine all the useful things you could keep in your boot for life’s little emergencies:

  • A walk in wardrobe
  • A games console
  • A portable coffee ship with your very own barista
  • A tennis court and cinema
  • A swimming pool with sun lounger
  • Your entire Pokémon collection


​Remember those annoying roadworks causing that gridlock at Junction 16? Well, they shall bother us no more.

Evanesco is the spell capable of ‘vanishing any known object into nothingness’, which is precisely what you could do with all those orange traffic cones, heavy machinery and holes in the road, leaving the way clear for traffic to glide through.


Oh what a wonderful world it would be if we could genuinely wave a magic wand with a single world and fix every tiny little issue with our cars. Slipping brakes, worn clutches, windscreen cracks and even mild scratches to our body paint could all be fixed in the blink of an eye.


Ah, the weather. Beautiful and blissful at times and a bonafide curse at others! Whilst we’ll be the first to enjoy the thought of a ride down a clear road in an open-top, sun-drenched convey with our favourite tune on the radio, for those moments the heavens turn sour, there’s this spell – to make it all go away!


Nobody likes a dirty car. Thankfully, with the Scouring Spell at your disposal, you’ll be capable of removing all grime and muck in a flick of a wrist.


Sometimes the last thing you want on the way to work in the morning is a lot of noise! Yet that’s generally what you get on the road, with the roar of engines, the siren song of car horns and the
spray of driving through huge puddles following a downpour.

Wouldn’t it just be nice to be able to shut the world off occasionally and drive in complete silence?!


Though sometimes quite the opposite is true!

Picture the scene, you’re driving home from work with your friends in the back, it’s Friday and Friday is my day. You fire up a banger on Spotify, all your friends begin to sing and all you want in the world is for folks who can hear to know just how much you love your life right now!

Yeah, use Sonorus. Use it and sing your heart into leaps of joy!


It’s the spell you’ve been waiting for. All this other stuff is great but surely, let’s just cut to the chase and fly! This famous spell is actually a hover charm, as opposed to a flying one, which means you’d need to combine it with very skilled acceleration to make your car fly. Imagine adding that to your practical driving test!

Who knows? Maybe we will actually get to see cars take to the sky without magic one day!

So, that’s it!

Let us know on facebook or twitter which spell you would choose for your car. Sadly, none these spells are available on new cars…yet. But at least we won’t have to worry about this for a while!

Until next time then…