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10 Fun Car Facts

10 Fun Car Facts


From the wacky and out-there to the weird and wonderful, we've put together a list of 10 car facts which are sure to bring a smile to your face.

10 Fun Car Facts

Here are 10 fun car facts designed to turn that frown upside down!

Car Fact 1: Smelly Transport - when cars were first invented they were seen as the greenest means of transport. This was because horses caused so much pollution via their poop.

Silver moon in a dark black night

Car Fact 2: Spot of lunch- The original Honda CR-V came with a picnic table. Forget heated seats, I want that add on!

Picnic on a checkered cloth with a wicker hamper

Car Fact 3: $1,000,000 speeding ticket- In Sweden a man driving at 180mph was issued a $1,000,000 fine; in Sweden speeding tickets are based on income. Whoops!

One dollar bills $

Car Fact 4: Carpocalypse- Cars are officially taking over the world; Los Angeles there are more cars than people.

Car Fact 5: There is currently about 1.42 billion operational cars worldwide, including 1.06 billion passenger cars and 363 million commercial vehicles.

Row of new Mercedes

Car Fact 6: Insults make sports cars - Enzo Ferrari once came under scrutiny from farmer Feruccio Lamborghini, who said Ferraris were too noisy for the road. So the furious Ferrari told Lamborghini he “didn’t appreciate such comments from a middle aged tractor farmer”, the insulted farmer decided to make a sports car of his own and one of the coolest car brands in history was born.

Orange tractor with big wheels in the sunshine

Car Fact 7: White’s the winner - The most popular car colour in the world is white and has been for 8 consecutive years; although in India silver is still going strong.

Old white car with aged chrome bumper and rusted deluxe signage

Car Fact 8: Bear sized kindness - In Churchill, Canada, residents have each other’s backs. They leave their cars unlocked in case a pedestrian is under attack from a polar bear and needs to hide!

Polar Bear in the arctic

Car Fact 9: The moon in a month - You could travel to the moon by car in less than a month; if you travelled directly there, at an average, 60mph, you’d actually make it rather swiftly. Plus there’s no traffic in space!

Computerised bus flying into the ocean against an orange sunset

Car Fact 10: Electric Cars aren’t futuristic- Electric cars aren’t a thing of the future, they’re a thing of the past. They were the most manufactured cars in the world from 1905 to 1920, until combustion engines became cheaper to run.

Voltage meter

And there we have it! Let us know if you have any awesome fun car facts for us to add.