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10 Facts About Hybrid Cars

10 Facts About Hybrid Cars

By Swansway Motor Group 02-07-2018


With hybrid cars becoming more and more popular, Motoring journalist John Swift takes a look at the hybrid and finds a few things you may not know.

10FactsAbout Hybrid cars

From all the current chatter you'd think the hybrid had only just burst onto the motoring scene; but, you'd be wrong.
Here are 10 facts about hybrid cars that'll probably surprise you!

Picture of Hybrid Car facts


Hybrids are
older than
you think

The very first hybrid was conceived as far back as 1902 when a certain Dr. Ferry Porsche built the 'Mixte'.

Dr. Porsche became rather better known for his later designs including the VW Beetle.

Black and White photo of the Porsche Mixte


Prius led
the way

Toyota built its first Prius petrol/electric hybrid in 1997.

Since then more than 10 million have been sold.

First generation silver Toyota Prius from 1997


can be

Formula One cars are hybrids; from just 1.6 litres, the best of them produce around 1,000 bhp.

The electric motor has the equivalent of about 160 bhp which would be a good figure for a family hatchback.

Hybrid Formula One Car


Hybrids are
kinder to
your brakes

Hybrids cost less in replacement brake pads and discs because the brakes are used far less than conventional cars due to regenerative braking.

The electric motor is reversed when the car slows; putting energy back into the battery and it's quite possible to bring a hybrid car to a stop, without even touching the brakes.

Regenerative Breaking Diagram


hold their

According to used car market analysts, cap hpi, hybrids hold their value better than just about any other car.

The Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid retains around 81% of its value after three years and 30,000 miles which helps offset the higher initial cost when buying new.

Five pound notes rolled up


pay for

The used car market is seeing monthly price increases of around 1% on hybrids, as growing demand outstrips supply.

New hybrids cost around 15 to 20% more, but the costs should be more than offset by much lower depreciation, slightly better fuel economy and much lower tax bills.

Someone signing a company invoice


The recharging
network is

In addition to recharging points installed at home, there are now more than 13,000 publicly available ones in the UK, five times more than in 2011, and the number is growing rapidly.

Oil companies such as BP are investing in charging points and by 2020 it's forecast that they will outnumber petrol stations.

Hybrid Car charging point


Bentley joins
the hybrid

Bentley has just launched its first luxury SUV hybrid, the Bentayga, with a petrol V6 and electric motor.

Despite its bulk, the hefty Bentley can do more than 30 miles on battery power alone and has CO2 emissions of just 70 g/km.

Hybrid Bentley Bentayga


Range Rover
hybrid is a big

Range Rover reckons that company car drivers can recover the premium they pay.

For the petrol/electric P400e hybrid, the initial cost can be recovered twice over in three years thanks to the hugely lower BIK, (benefit in kind) tax liability.

Range Rover steering wheel and dashboard


Hybrids are
the future

In line with several other European countries the Government has committed to banning the sale of all new petrol or diesel cars and vans by 2040.

Jaguar is just one of many car makers to confirm that by 2020 all its new models will only be electric or hybrid.

Inside a hybrid engine
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