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10 Best Car Blogs in the UK

10 Best Car Blogs in the UK


Whether you’re an auto-junkie or an everyday motorist who likes to keep abreast of developments, there’s a blog to suit you and then some.

10 Best Car Blogs in the UK

Whether you’re an auto-junkie or an everyday motorist who likes to keep abreast of developments, there’s a blog to suit you and then some. We’ve been doing some research and here are what we think are the 10 Best Car Blogs in the UK:

And here’s why:

The Car Expert

The Car Expert logo

Best for: All-round advice on buying, financing and maintaining your car.

Founded in 2011 and welcoming its 6 millionth visitor in August 2018, this blog won the coveted ‘Best Automotive Blog’ award at the 2017 UK Blog Awards.

Founder, Stuart Masson, previously worked in motor retail and has been fascinated by the car industry for over 30 years. The Car Expert gives great, impartial advice, with no-nonsense tips and a wealth of info for everyday motorists.

My Car Heaven

Best for: Drooling over luscious, sexy, supercars and indeed hypercars.

If you dream of cars, then you’ll definitely feel like you’ve gone to heaven if you visit My Car Heaven! It’s a site dedicated to beautiful cars of all persuasions, whether new models, iconic models or classic cars.

This is the site to visit if your day-dreams are all four-wheeled and practicality is not on your agenda. Pure car heaven indeed.

Take to the Road

Best for: Classic car lovers, owners and dreamers.

This site is a labour of love for classic car enthusiast, Niall Julian. Niall’s love of all things classic car related led to him launching his now award-winning blog in 2015. Running in tandem with Take to the Road is Niall’s YouTube channel featuring classic cars on the move.

Naill’s blog is full of sound advice for buying, owning and maintaining a classic car.

Car Witter

Best for: No-nonsense news, reviews and motorsport; no Clarksonesque waffle allowed.

A fully independent site with no big backers, so you can be assured it’s bias free. Any advertorial content is marked as such, so you read their reviews and believe what they say. Imagery is bespoke and beautiful too. The site is run by 20-something Adam Tudor-Lane who has a refreshing take on automotive journalism today.

If you like short, sweet and to the point then check out Car Witter.

Front Seat Driver

Front Seat Driver logo

Best for: Informed info on all things motoring related, from an award-winning journo.

This site is bursting with info which will interest everyone who’s a front seat driver! Tips, advice; the latest news; how to save money and lots more useful content. Lots of road tests and videos too, and any advertising is very clearly marked.

The brainchild of hugely experienced motoring journo and one time racing driver Phil Huff; this site is full of information you never realised you needed to know.

Motor Vision

Motor Vision logo

Best for: You may not be a full-on car nut…yet, but you’re pretty darn enthusiastic

Beautiful images put together with all the latest auto news, tips and advice. Motor Vision definitely has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for average motoring tips, or looking for videos, chances are you’ll find it here.

They also host the Motor Vision awards offering up to £20k in sponsorship for you to achieve your motoring dream.

Green Motor

Green Motor.co.uk logo

Best for: All things green and economic on fuel, plus AFV, all, electric, hybrid and PHEV

As we move inexorably towards roads filled with non-polluting electric cars, Green Motor is here to help you decide which of the latest battery powered models is the one for you. Great for information on the latest hybrid, PHEV and electric models to hit the market. Green Motor also looks at economical combustion engine cars as well as keeping an eye on the looming autonomous revolution.

The site is the brainchild of Lem Bingley a journalist with an engineering background.

RAC Drive

RAC van

Best for: Day to day hints and tips, a great route planner, useful information for commuters.

This is not an exciting blog, but it is informative, has an extensive amount of up-to-date information and can be very helpful in a crisis. Not the one for you if you’re an out and out petrolhead or dream of owning a Lambo, but if you need to know what you need to carry if you’re driving abroad, or how to top up your oil, this is the place to be.

Packed full of motoring know-how, this site is a real font of motoring knowledge.

Car Throttle

car throttle logo

Best for: Creative content with video series, sexy cars, road tests, all aimed at millennials.

Founded in 2009 by Adnan Ebrahim, who loved all things car related and couldn’t find a place online to share his passion…so he made his own. The site has grown to an extraordinary size with 500 million video views each month and 7 million Facebook fans. This is a monster of a site and if you’re a young car lover there’s no doubt it’s the place to be.

Looks great on mobile too and has almost 2 million subscribers on its YouTube channel.


Ecurie logo

Best for: Quirkiness, a site that celebrates car design, culture, creativity and photography.

If you love beautiful cars, photographed in the most amazing way, then you’ll love this site. It’s the online equivalent if a coffee table book; you don’t need it, but it’s beautiful to look at and makes you feel better! The imagery is stunning and the cars weird and wonderful.

It’s somewhere you need to visit, just to say you’ve been…art lovers and design fiends will be hooked.

And before you think we can’t count…this is a bonus blog, ideal for those considering leasing their next car:


Stable blog logo

Best for: Lovers of German sports and performance who are thinking of leasing a car.

If you covet an RS4 or go gaga for a Golf GTI then Stable is definitely the place for you. With a huge suite of guides and advice on the ups and downs of leasing a car, Stable offers genuine advice and explains the leasing journey in simple, easy to understand terms. On top of this they offer highly competitive leasing deals on German sports and performance cars.

The place to find your next German performance car and be able to afford it.