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10 Automotive April Fool’s Day Gags

10 Automotive April Fool’s Day Gags


Car manufacturers put serious effort into claiming best automotive April Fool’s Day gag. Laugh or groan your way through this lot. Tell us your favourite

There’s nothing foolish about the first of April, unless you fall for one of the many April Fool’s Day jokes that litter the press and internet. Household names seem to go to increasing lengths to create convincing patter about ‘new’ products and services to have us believing all kinds of weird and wonderful facts

We like a laugh at Swansway Group and each year we're delighted by the effort our manufacturing partners go to, to create believable news stories. Of course, some of them we can spot immediately, others only give themselves away by a very subtle hint

Take a look at our best ten automotive April Fool’s Day gags and then get in touch to tell us about your favourite.


Orange circle with a white number 1 in it

Amusing Audi

Audi tailored a 2015 April Fool’s Day prank to it’s Japanese customers declaring that the new Audi A8 5.5 (available only in Japan), was to include the world’s first in-car rice cooker.

Located in the rear seat console and controlled through a touchscreen menu, the idea that Audi would apply its Vorsprung Durch Technik to cooking technology seemed perfectly plausible!

Multicoloured number two

Peugeot Pun

April 1st, 2014 saw Peugeot announce the introduction of an additional feature to its range that would allow all of its new car owners to personalise their vehicles in a fairly unique way.

The new Audio Sonic Personalisation Programme encouraged drivers to record their own car horn sound; this, Peugeot claimed, would allow car owners to reflect their own personality as they drove, in much the same way as a phone ring tone. What would your car horn sound be?


The number 3 in leopard print with a white background

SEAT Stunt

SEAT was hoping to make fools of everyone in 2008 with the help of 007 no less. ‘Electro reflective’ bodywork developed by the manufacturer was due to be offered as an option on the SEAT range.

This exterior finish would allow the car to adapt to it’s surroundings making it as invisible as James Bond’s Aston Martin Vanquish. Who said that? 

3D number 4 in red with a white background

Citroën Swindle

There was a football theme for Citroën’s 2014 April Fool’s Day claim that the C4 Cactus would be available in the red, blue and gold kit of Arsenal Football Club!

Featuring Geo Organised Away-day Location, Information and Entertainment technology (or GOALIE) to easily locate all of the London team’s away fixtures, including a database of pie sellers and football anthems, this upgrade option was set to appeal to all Gunners fans. Citroën kindly admitted the prank at the end of the press release... in a quote written in French!


Wooden number 5

VW: Very Witty

One-man businesses got prematurely excited about the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Mini when Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles released an advert for the 2.4m long micro van. With just one seat and room for nothing more than a tool box, this really was a one-man van.

The advert claimed, “It’s not about the size. It’s about what you do with it.” and stated that the vehicle had a turning circle of just four metres.


The number six in white inside a black circle

SEAT Strikes Again!

Another SEAT April Fool Day’s attempt at trickery in 2009 came with the proposed addition of a wind turbine on the rear of the roof of the SEAT Ibiza Ecomotive. It was claimed that the Aero-Tonto device could power everything from the vehicle’s lights to its sound system.

Made of recycled plastic, the wind energy system could be folded down for safety during car washes. However, the claim turned out to be nothing more than a load of hot air!

Yellow circle with black number 7 in the centre

Humorous Honda

Honda went emoji mad with its 2016 April Fool’s Day prank. The Japanese manufacturer claimed the idea was an attempt to connect with younger drivers who would understand the symbols more easily than current number plate formats, following research suggesting that 96% of those aged under 30 preferred emoji plates over regular licence plates.

The plates, offered on the full range of Honda cars, would have the additional benefit of being universally understood in all languages. What’s the emoji symbol for gullible?

Cartoon magic 8 ball

Citroën Stunt

In 2016, Citroën continued its April Fool’s Day footballing theme, producing a video that revealed plans for a retractable roof on Arsenal FC’s Emirates Stadium. Said to be inspired by the folding roof of the Citroën C1 Airspace, this ingenious feature supposedly involved 9,000 metres of red canvas which, when in place would boost Arsenal goalkeeper’s saving ability by keeping the sun out of his eyes!

The prank scored an own goal by stating that fans would be allowed to vote on whether the roof stayed open at each match - one detail too far.

  Black number nine

A Jeep Joke

Jeep got in on the April Fool’s Day act by promoting The Wrangler Grille Grill. Targeting manly customers who enjoy nothing less than jumping into their Jeep Wrangler, driving to the far reaches of civilisation and cremating several burgers and sausages with their friends, the detachable grille meant that they didn’t have to worry about packing the barbecue.

Try explaining the crusty barbecue mess when you take your Wrangler for a wash!

American white road sign with the number 10 inside in black

Abarth Laugh

This gag appeared on Abarth’s social media feeds on the first of April 2016, with the claim that "Italian heritage just got tastier." The advert introduced Abarth’s new ice cream van, the 5995 Gelato (not to be confused with Abarth’s 595 super city car).

It seems that the Italians were simply attempting to combine 2 of their loves, fast cars and ice cream in a yum-yum brum-brum!

Have you been tickled by these April Fool’s Day funnies; remember - don’t believe everything you see on the first of April - if it sounds too good, it probably is!